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I think this covers that though, I think this is the new approach, building a game that calculates the match making based on a players average reaction time in game movements is absolutely intelligent.

The majority of the players all have one thing in common, same as MW3, that the first week of release the game played absolutely incredible. Yes it did, because there was no data available to profile the game play based on each players reaction times. You were playing a game based on your skill in various situations, your average was not implementated yet.

After a week of game play, the forums exploded in lag comp, and a ton of other issues of shooting first, corner shots, then came the camera's are out of sync and more and more theories and now this one.

This one, makes sense, and it overrides and explains the issues everyone experiences, it covers the season of MW3 and why at the end the variables used to determine the game play were dropped which appeared "they have fixed it" when infact they simpled removed it from being part of the reason for matching you up ( does not matter the season was over....right? )

I am not saying it's the truth, it certainly looks like what has been done. If we are stuck in the way things were done before, we would not even consider this as being an issue, however I am a guy that has looked why my response times do not equal my in game responses, I thought it was my tv, internet, router, etc the whole game we have all played, the moment I tried to play as my daughter with only a few ranks up and to see my reaction time is drastically different  on screen compared to what I did physically indicates this is it.

- My tv did not change

- My ISP did not change

- Did not change cables

- Did not do anything other then switch to my daughters gamer tag to play under her

All of a sudden my reactions do not equal on screen as to what i do physically, why? Because the game is expecting her to reaction at 320ms, and I am reacting at 220ms, If i play long enough underneath her account, the same experience will return for me, as her profile will then average her out at 220ms instead of 320ms over how many matches and in game time they decide is enough data to process the reduction.

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Re: Skill VS MatchMaking - A Question

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Just a thought- I was listening to my friend go through his classes and such- he has a 0.45 k/d and I stomp in his lobbies and I'm not great.

In all of his setups- never once did he have the stock equiped.  He can't control it.  I assume many people including myself last year couldn't use it properly and just ditched it.

He might have had quick draw but that is irrelivant since if you react slower you'll never tell on your end.

First perks were NEVER lightweight.  It was hardline or flack jacket.

Theres MIGHT explin the "slowdown" you are expirencing along with their not as fast reaction time, as perhaps they don't use any perks that increase their speed because they just dont gain an advantage from using them.

The "easy lobby syndrom" is very apparent when joining with lower skilled players, but this might explain the "slowdown"

Just a thought

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Re: Skill VS MatchMaking - A Question

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That is an interesting take for sure, however as my gamer tag, I can play with no attachments or perks and it is the same game experience, you are right, I just played however as her classes, never thought much of it, however I will go remove all her perks and attachments and see if it is the same effect.

I do not care to play with perks and attachments after diamonding SMG's and ShotGuns I noticed in my experience at the time, there was no huge advantage to any of the perks or attachments, I can play equally the same with or without them ( interesting, with this new assumption I have it makes sense )

I will give it a go anyways, I am not saying I am "right" but I tell you, it sure seems this is what has been done.

It is something to keep in mind, everything was LAG or this or that was OP right until black ops 1.

Someone mentioned earlier they may not be smart enough, I beg to differ, I do not think all these issues in the game are because of lack of intelligence or ability to produce a decent game, I think the changes and what has been done as I am suggesting was done because "new" youthful gamers will not notice, only those who base there play on there reaction times, personal skill & ability will and equally have an issue with it. 

Look around, those people seem to be the complainers.

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Re: Skill VS MatchMaking - A Question

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Or maybe just maybe your better at the game than your 9 year old daughter and when your playing on her account your playing crap players .

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Re: Skill VS MatchMaking - A Question

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So much fail in this thread.

In halo 2 we used to call this "piggy backing" or "rank boosting".

Not to be confused with modern day boosting.

What you would so is invite a player or friend who is a much lower rank (or have a friend create a new account) then you would search together and you would broaden the search parameters since there was such a huge difference between the level of players in the lobby.. So for example I would be a level 35 ( which was high in halo 2) and new account would be level 0.

The game would ind a mean average and probably put players of in between skill to play against your party. So they would be around level 15-17.

That still happens in call of duty. But people don't realize it or know about it.. Now you do.. Go have fun and own noobs.. Bye

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Re: Skill VS MatchMaking - A Question

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Sometimes you just want to play with real life friends for FUN! ..and if one of them is no good and contantly goes like 3-25 in my lobby and quits after 2 games well, that's no fun for either of us now is it?

It's the yang to me joining my clan mates most of the time who are sooo much better then I am and I'm statistically the lowest scroer in the lobby.  And I do this almost nightly.

At least me joining his laggies (lol, I mistyped it's kinda funny)  he does "ok" and I do great, and we both have fun.  A few games a month (that's all he really plays, he's still level 32 no presteige ) couldn't possibly be considered boosting.

If they didn't have skill based matchmaking like we do it would be no biggie - sometimes I'd still join him when it wont let him join my lobby

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Re: Skill VS MatchMaking - A Question

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I like the creativity, but there are several problems I see with this scenario.

1.) Even if they had implemented a way to average experiences...we don't have the server code. So you can't prove it without someone hacking their rank servers and pulling the code. We only get the Peer and Client side.

2.) The best way to lose sales would be to implement such a system. Now, I have a feeling some of this compensating code is doing things to cause a similar average. However, I do not know if it was intended as a handicap system. It could simply be the matchmaking + terrible lag comp code that causes all the problems and nothing more.

Even if someone did find such code...Activision would have some serious problems. People would be so F***ing pissed off you could expect plummeting community numbers...plummeting DLC numbers and more.

People absolutely do NOT LIKE HANDICAPS. If I choose to put a handicap on myself that is one thing. Putting a handicap on me without my knowledge on the other hand would be BS. It is quite the worst system imaginable. I would immediately stop playing any game that did this without my say so.


As a result, I'm not sure they necessarily would risk going that far. I can see them screwing with the skillbased matchmaking and lag comp to such a degree to cause a natural byproduct. Then doing what is currently happening and denying it, supplies such a system "accidentally" but intentionally.

So...if someone ever provides code that shows a handicap...please release such information. In fact I beg you...because I would take no greater pleasure than to see some rigged designers reaping the whirlwind and sending a vivid and massive image to all companies that would so much as even SURMISE such a system...that players will absolutely not accept it, and any attempt at doing so will result in sales armageddon.

However, until I see such code...I think we are getting a bit into conspiracy theory territory here.



- I think its probably just the combination of terrible matchmaking, and a terrible lag compensation system, combined with a few glitches and basic game flaws that are creating this issue. 

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Re: Skill VS MatchMaking - A Question

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I agree, it is an absolute theory, an idea, a possability, things add up equally to be going down this path. Not one of us knows what they have done to the connection, match making, lag comp to create the experience many of us face.

Regardless if it is a theory or "conspiracy" we only know if we take a look, someone with the skill and the talent to measure it from this or that perspective.

We need to remember that thinking outside the box and looking for the root cause of why this or that happens is how we get answers and why we live in such an advanced society to experience, to look at not just the angles we are told to look at, or keep looking at the same angles for something different, it is to look at all possible angles and probablity based on our own findings combined with others.

I am not trying to lower the value of the game, they indeed produced an excellent game in the sense of ideas, graphics ( visually ) etc, Grade A, performance is another matter, and for many of us, this performance issue is controlled by there system instead of our own abilities.

Thank you for the very wise and intelligent response, I as you, anticipate even if my "conspiracy theory" is incorrect, maybe going down this path will bring us to an answer, instead of guessing this or that.

~ Cheers

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Re: Skill VS MatchMaking - A Question

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I can see where your going with this and I don't agree. I have a 270 SPM and a 1.35 K/D overall. Most of the players I am teamed up with/against CONSTANTLY have a higher SPM and K/D then I do. The SPM (when I check the leaderboards) ranges from 150-400 and the K/D can range from .8  to a 2+ ...To broad of a range to think they are matching you against similar skilled players. (those stats are from my experience in core domination)

I have had laggy games and perfect games in the same lobby with the same players and basically the same teams with the same host. I also have a second account that I have played this game on and I get the same results and the second account stats are a bit lower. So I don't think that skill has everything to do with it.

I commend and thank you on taking the time to doing some research and post your thoughts, but my experience with the game leads me to think differently.

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Re: Skill VS MatchMaking - A Question

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I'm sorry, is it just me, or does anyone else find the fact that he is letting his 8 year old daughter play this game horrible!!  The language that she is being exposed to and the very offensive emblems that are in pretty much every match...  That is something an 8 year old should not be exposed too....  I'm sorry to be direct Illusiongames, but that is not the best parenting.  An 8 year old is just not mentally ready for all of the stuff she is going to be exposed to on this game.  That is why this game is rated Mature....  FYI yes I am a parent too...


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