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For the lag comp problem, I made sure to switch my search preferences to Best instead of the default Normal. That has helped a lot. I win gun fights when I'm supposed and I die when I'm supposed. I can play a lot calmer.

Problem is, after a few games,  host changes and new players come and go, so that Best search you searched for is long gone and your somewhere new. I think thats how it goes. So I have to leave and search a new game. Which is annoying and I'm pretty sure it just ruined my SPM because it plummeted. I was having bad games, but I think it's due to the backing out. But I would back out before the game started, I dunno. Stupid.

The other problems definitely remain. Spawning. Small fricken maps. Every lobby I'm in, no on has above 2.0. Everyone is around 1-1.6.

I wish all is true and after a week or two, the online will be better. I just wish they'd patch stuff really quickly and they could do something about the maps. But the maps are here to stay which sucks. New maps will probably be somewhat similar because they are under design already most likely.

Hows Halo online? Any fun? Black Ops 1 was great. Played till August I think. I know this lag comp and everything is dissapointing, but I really believe the crazy amount of players online, probably 1.5 million with all platforms, the servers are just not right. They need to implement dedicated servers. I hate having to just search and get plopped into a game. Wish things were more like Battlefield where I could filter out regions, amount of players, and so on. Battlefield fixed important issues too. I just can't imagine anything really changing for COD. Ugh so dissapointing.

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Re: Should have listened...

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WHEN the game works, it's extremely fun.

That's ONE netcode fix away from being extremely fun.

The game's reputation has suffered more than necessary for this;

The game is extremely good at it's core.

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