Should Treyarch add more prestiges?

Black Ops II Xbox 360

With many people already at high prestiges , some at master prestige, they are left with nothing for the rest of the games life cycle over the year. This leaves people wondering if Treyarch will add more prestiges. Personaly I hope they do, just another 5 though sometime around April next year. This gives people the chance to get to master prestige ready for the new ones. They should also offer better rewards for hitting the new higher prestiges. So ...what should they do?

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I don't see why not, but I would be shocked if they made this change this early after the game's release.

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i hope they dont introduce them too early, just not too late either, sometime mid next year

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man the people who are already on 10th prestige.. need either a job, a girlfriend, or both

adding more would be easy for them.. but at the same time - go outside and enjoy the fresh air from time to time lol 

im about to hit 4 and i already play this game WAY too much (which is only maybe 2 hours a day)

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Nuh, hit 10 then its Planet Side 2 or Dust.

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Only if they offer something like a new gun, I reached prestige master yesterday, I plan on finishing off maxing my guns and getting everything diamond and then not playing anymore... all I have left to get diamond on is LMG's, pistols and specials... so I should be done soon

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Add 5-10 more prestige levels and some real incentives for people to achieve. New challenges. New camos. Master Prestige exclusive playlist. Option to reset stats and begin from Master prestige level 1. Option to lock specific scorestreaks to each class etc. So so many things they could do with this to encourage people to keep prestiging.

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