Should I lower my MTU or not? Does port forwarding play a major role?

Black Ops II Xbox 360

Yeah, it seems I might have to log onto the router because I see it nowhere on their website, but I want to say they dont use PPPoe

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Your answers are here.....enjoy and good luck. Thanks and props to Macabbi.

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Here is what I have done.

-Wired my Xbox to my router instead of wireless

-DNS I did this using namebench


-Port forward and static IP

-MTU I'm not done with this yet

I'm sure it has made a difference. For DNS and are most likely the best. If you want to be sure download namebench and find out. Mine are and Charter's server.

I'm sure this will be a topic this weekend with double xp since the connection usually turns to pure unfiltered sewage

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