Season Pass - DLC Rip Off

Black Ops II Xbox 360

Season pass was only for Map DLC and nothing more it was not meant for all DLC. So no you do not deserve a cammo or the cac or anythine else for free.

Now maybe you will be smart enough next time to read and understand more before buying it again for the next game. Season pass does not always mean everything released. It may only pertain to the maps themselves.

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your an idiot the season pass is for the 4 DLC MAPS

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I do not normally go on the forums, but was looking to see when the 4th dlc was coming out, and saw this and had to comment. So, Please dont be hating if I state something that has been talked about before. I would like to say that I will never again buy a Season Pass, or, Pre Order simply for the fact, they made Nuketown 2025 free for everyone after Gamestop hyped that if we pre order the game we would recieve nuketown zombies, some stupid music $h1t, nuketown 2025, and some other bs. Then went ahead and put a 400msp price on Nuketown zombies and made Nuketown 2025 for free. Okay as far as the Season pass I understand that they stated we would recieve only the 4 dlc packs. But, they never said anything about the Micro Trans. at all. I am not mad about this for the fact all of those so far are just a waste of money. Had I known this though I might not have fallen for the stupid season pass which saves a whole $10.Ooo ahhh.   jk.  The main thing that is going to piss me off is this possible 5th dlc, in which is supposedly going to be all zombies. I will protest the crap out of paying for a fifth dlc, when they only put a Season Pass out for 4 of them. This would be milking the cow dry when most likely the maps will be something I already paid for in a previous game.Even if this was th 4th dlc, I feel this would still have been a waste of money. Okay rant over, please be gentle with your comments.

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5th DLC will likely not happen.

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So a lot of people got Nuketown 2025 for free when pre-ordering the game. Other people got it for free later but at least the preorder customers didnt have to wait.

so what if they sold us Microtransactions. They said we would recieve 4 DLC with the season pass content and we did. We got what we paid for. When we bought the season pass they never mentioned anything about micro DLC. Micro DLC is a seperate item than the season pass. they can do whatever they want. Its not like the micro DLC is a new thing. They have been adding more things after the sale of season passes for years with Forza games.

And why even listen to rumors about a fifth DLC ?

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Nobody got NTZ as a preorder bonus. It was in the collectors edition.

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Thanks for pointing out that typo. Major typo

Fixing it.

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I doubt that the 5th DLC will happen but as I recall when they launched the final DLC in BO1 that was all Zombies (one new map and the rest were the WAW maps) they actually gave away the new map to those that had purchased the WAW maps back in WAW.  So those loyal customers got a treat and those of us that didn't already have the WAW maps were pretty pleased to be getting them along with a new map for $15.  Granted if you don't like Zombies then you would have passed on it but for those that do like Zombies it was very exciting.

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Sorry to read about your misfortune, maybe you'll think more carefully about parting with your hard earned cash next time round.

I didn't spend anything over the original cost of the game and am pleased I didn't, because BO2 is the most frustrating cod to date

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You got what you paid for. You got all the DLC MAP PACKS, which is what you PAID for, for $10-15 less than buying them seperately. So you got all of the Game-impacting DLC, which is what they promised us in the Season Pass.

The rest is cosmetic, optional add ons. Get em, or don't get em... that is your choice.

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