Season Pass - DLC Rip Off

Black Ops II Xbox 360

For COD or in general?  Quite a few games use MTA.  If general you'd have to make sure you've never played a game developed by Valve because they possibly started it.

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You people really need to learn how to read. The season pass is for MAP PACKS ONLY. NOT ALL DLC. If you don't want to pay for it then don't, but if you want it then you will have to pay...Just like the rest of us. Even though Treyarch probably had all of this stuff planned from the get go, it is on the buyer to make sure it is what he wants. Not the sellers. You bought and payed for the MAP PACKS in advance at a savings of $10. This in no way qualified you to get all DLC they had to offer.

So with all that said...tough tooties!!

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jwaller123 wrote:

You people

Who you calling "you people?"

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Who are YOU calling.. "You people?"

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Proclaimor wrote:

jwaller123 wrote:

You people

Who you calling "you people?"

"You people" means the ones who keep making these kinds of threads, saying they want stuff they didn't pay for.

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I think its bullshit that you started another one of these threads when i've seen 100's already this weekend.

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we got ripped off because we should have got more maps already. blackops 2 plays like the worst of all cods. someone at treyarch should resign


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They never promised a release date for the maps. To want a map barely a month and a half after the last drop is asking a little much.

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Someone give that guy a xanax lol jeese multi post spam much? Omg you bought season pass and only got what they offered? How dare they offer you 4 maps and a new gun, and a zombies mode which chances are they will do that with the next 3, and you people want more? omg its like 2 dollars for another camo how could they do that to us! Uhhh people, untwist your panties, remember the nuketown 2025 debacle? That was a legit beef, this whole Micro DLC threads are stupid, quit trolling and play the game, or don't play. Just stop bitching already.

(Ps the xanax comment was for twizobama)

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Don't play then.


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