Screwed Up Black Ops 2

Black Ops II Xbox 360


My game is incredibly screwed up!

I bought BO2 a while ago and then my Xbox live Gold sub ran i renewed it today, then immediatly played BO2. I joined and i was lvl 54 ( thats normal ).

BUT all my stuff I unlocked was gone, all the perks were reset and scorestreaks,and my wildcards, except my guns. I looked at one of the class setups and it said 64/10 items used! and the others had guns in the perk spots. I played a game and one class had 3 guns working without picking up a new one, a scar H, PDW and combat knife. The 64/10 slot class i deleted all the items and it said like 62/10... So one class is gone, and theres a m32 in my wildcard spots, as well as a "emblem number"? in my perk spot, and weird like chess board almost, green and orange in some spots, theres a five-seven in the perk 2 spot + the toughness perk, and a type 25 and five seven in the perk 1 and 2 spot. I WANT TO PLAY! and its too screwed up. Also my wildcards are all reset, none unlocked.... i was level 54 and all my stuff is gone! i would appreciate help immediatly.

Thank you!

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