Scorestreaks to high for objective game modes?

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Re: Scorestreaks to high for objective game modes?

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I guess we will have to wait till november

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Re: Scorestreaks to high for objective game modes?

Or you could just play MW2 and run Harrier-AC130-Nuke?

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Re: Scorestreaks to high for objective game modes?

I think the one thing I've taken away from this thread is how dependent we as a community have become on killstreaks. Its almost as if people are now just expecting to get their streaks, and its no longer all that much of a reward.

I am hoping that getting a streak in Black Ops II will be something that is truly earned and appreciated. That the high streaks are rare to see and a sign that someone is having an outstanding game. Someone pulling a top tier killstreak in Black Ops or MW3 isn't that big a deal, it happens pretty much every match.

Hoping this change puts the focus on the objectives and on Gun on Gun action, and makes the rewards truly feel like rewards, not spam.

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Re: Scorestreaks to high for objective game modes?

I like the scorestreak idea, however coming from someone that tends to get facerolled when infact I am trying hard to actually do well basically makes getting anything above the UAV kinda rough.

Some of these matches have been so bad that I've taken to each time I die just shooting down 2 opposing teams aircraft just because at least that gets me a few points which still end up getting reset upon the next death. I'm even using the Hardline perk I think it is which reduces the score needed.

Not sure really what to think of this whole setup, I'm sure at some point I'll start seeing myself hitting up to the 700+ range before a death, but for now it just hurts to be the one going down so much.

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Re: Scorestreaks to high for objective game modes?

I find streaks TOO easy to get.  I mean, if you know what you're doing you can get a lodestar, VTOL an swarm every game. Maybe not in TDM or search but in KC, Domination, CTF, Demo ect.  Just too easy IMO.  I went from a 0.42 in MW3 to a 1.64 in BO2.  Everyone is complaining about difficulty, but these readily available streaks are awesome

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Re: Scorestreaks to high for objective game modes?

Streaks are simple to get in HCKC, if you cant get the high ones in objective games, its your lack of skill, not the game.

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Re: Scorestreaks to high for objective game modes?

they're already pretty easy to get

if they get any easier then people just camping for streaks is going to be even more obnoxiously common

even i already started going straight for headglitches in high traffic areas because it's too easy to get a vsat with an fal or an-94, and that will help my team far more than anything else i could possibly do

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Re: Scorestreaks to high for objective game modes?

I don't run high scorestreaks.

I'd rather play,, you know,, Cod,, a game that's a FPS.

Gamers expectations are really high regardless of their own ability. Guess what - we can't all obtain high scorestreaks, but we can all shoot a gun and try to play the game. If your not at the ability to obtain a loadstar - be the one in your team to whack on cold blooded and a stinger - shoot it down to help your team mates.

BTW - nothing worse than having a TM that only cares about his Dogs and Swarms and doesn't try to actually help the team win the objective by,, you know,, using your weapon.

In short - you shouldn't need to obtain high score streaks to have fun.

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