Scorestreak system is rough!!

Black Ops II Xbox 360

Im not going to say im any good at call of duty or anything, frankly i think im pretty bad sometimes.  In Mw3 i would occasionally get a complete killstreak of chopper>reaper>ac130. But, man played pretty much all day today and got 3 care packages. Its ridiculous.  Anything from the second row down seems utterly hopeless.  Is anyone else having a huge difficulty with this system?

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It's defiantly tough, but getting kills while doing objectives and getting assist points with hardline will help increase you scorestreaks a lot.  I got to say I like though. 

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No, infact it feels to easy, more so in objective though.

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In team deathmatch, you need 4 kills for an UAV.

RC-XD: 5 kills.

Hunter killer: 6 kills

Care package: 6 kills

Counter-UAV: 6 kills

Guardian: 7 kills

Hellstorm: 7 kills

Lightning strike: 8 kills

Sentry gun: 8 kills

Dragonfire: 10 kills

That is extremely harsh.
But at the very least, we don't get killstreaks in the air at all times.
Apart from UAVs.
Which everyone use, if only to be able to get a killstreak.

But the power of the streaks warrant their score requirement.

However, I can't imagine getting 15 kills for the lodestar outside combat training without camping with a silenced weapon with ghost

(Camping does not mean sitting in one spot, it means that you don't leave the comfort of your campsite and go into the unknown wilds, which is how Ghost-camping will work: You run from window to window on your campsite.)

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Slap on Hardline.

Maybe because I play often, it's easier for me.

If you are having trouble just run the UAV then the higher streaks...It'll come to you,trust me. But you can't be rambo because you'll obviously die.

Smart gameplay helps.

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So far (to me) it feels harder in TDM although I'm still unlocking a lot of them.

With MW3 killstreaks you knew what you needed to get the next one, you need two more kills to get a Reaper for example but this, I never have a clue where I am with the points system, what I need to do, how far I need to go, etc.

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If you play TDM it can seem like a lost cause using the high scorestreaks but if you use the care package make sure you use hard line it gives you a chance of re rolling the package to something better.

On one game last night I got all 3 of my scorestreaks 3 times before I died because of the assist points that come with them, I use the UAV, hunter killer and the care package and I think my kill streak was only about 8 kills.

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I love the scorestreak system. It's perfect for objective players but I don't think it works well for TDM.

Considering I'm a Domination player, I'm just PTFO & continuously capping 5+ flags a game building up scorestreak after scorestreak.

I've been using the Engineer & Care Package setup so I can change my scorestreak care package reward. In one match, I switched my UAV to a Lodestar (Reaper from MW3).

If you're struggling, I would suggest playing with a few mates in objective game types. You'll have more fun partying up than playing solo.

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Ahh well then...i have only been playing tdm XD.  Ill try some dom see how i do.

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Personally, if there was one thing I liked in MW3 it was the Support Class for the Killstreaks. I really like the idea of being able to build up throughout the game. To me it is frustrating to get to one more kill for a UAV or other item just to get shot in the back or destroyed by an aerial device and have to start all over. I do not have the time to spend 3-5 hours a day playing online. Plus, being older I do not have the same hand-eye coordination that you younger players have,

I would really really like to see scorestreaks stay upon death!

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