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Now that it is strictly "score" SnD, if you get three kills at 500 a piece, does that mean you can get the highest level rewards?  Lets say the K9 unit is 1400 points, do you get that after only 3 SnD kills, or is there going to be a different point/score structure for SnD?

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I am sure it is going to be somewhat different, but I am not sure there are any details out there yet detailing the scoring structure for S&D at this time.

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I myself considered this question, however another helpful Forum member informed me that both kills and plants were 100 Score Streak Points a piece.

So the XP gained and Score Streak Points are independant.

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Ok, thanks, that's what I was thinking...I play very little SnD, and if it was how I asked it might be, I would avoid it like the plague!

Thanks man.

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no you dont the 500 is xp not score the xp and score are two differant things it dont work like that

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