SVU and Ballista Have TOO MANY HITMARKERS!!!

Black Ops II Xbox 360

Is anyone else noticing that the Ballista has alot of hitmakers recently? I am trying to get diamond for my DSR but I cant take all the hitmarkers, its rediculous that a sniper riffle takes more than one shot to kill from the waist up should be a kill no doubt. And the SVU, dont know where to start, its like a bunch of monkeys trying to hump a doorknob. It took me 250 more kills after my one hit kills to get the bloodthirstys. Absolutely false.

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sorry to say but you just need to learn how to aim. ballista is a one hit from the chest up, which isnt very hard if you can aim. as for the svu, never used it much, it should be a one hit to the head and if not idk what to tell you and that sucks.

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Took me more than 1,000 kills for my Gold SVU, but you need aim for that one, and I liked that.

Ballista seems to be good, and bad to me.

Goes off and on, but at least it's a  good relief after using the SVU.

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