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Heyy, I hope others havent found these tips I have found out. So I decided to reveal them. Ah right, let's go

*Black Ops 2 Tip #44 - When you are reloading your shotgun (and the executioner pistol) it reloads one bullet at a time. You don't have to wait for the entire mag to finish reloading to start firing again!

*Black Ops 2 Tip #43 - Keep an eye on the minimap. You can tell where an enemy is if you can catch their hunter killer drone or dragonfire on the map as soon as they deploy it. Maybe get an easy kill.

*Black Ops 2 Tip #42 - Always rememer that on just about every high traffic area, on every map, there are usually 2 or 3 ways to get there. Don't get stuck dieing at the same point every time by a camper....go around!

*Black Ops 2 Tip #41 - When you're getting into a gun fight, try to start firing your weapon before you start aiming down it's sights. You're unable to shoot while you're aiming unless you were already shooting.

*Black Ops 2 Tip #40 - If you are going to use an AGR, throw the marker towards the enemy spawn; not your own. It breaks from its package and kills them without you having to control it!

*Black Ops 2 Tip #39 - The EMP scorestreak will stop enemies from using scorestreaks, remove their HUD, and even stop them from using their blackhats!

*Black Ops 2 Tip #38 - This one's for you christmas noobs... If your team has a care package and you notice the "contents" of the package change...don't take it. When an enemy booby-traps a carepackage it will change what the other team see's as it's contents.

Black Ops 2 Tip #37 - When you're about to run around a corner, start or be ready to start aiming twoards the higher traffic area. Basically, being cautious. This will allow you to not get caught by surprise be an enemy espicially if you don't know they are there.

Black Ops 2 Tip #36 - If you are up for the can actually shoot down a hellstorm missle as it's comming down! Save yourself!

Black Ops 2 Tip #35 - Weather you knew this before or not... In Black Ops 2 your main source of xp are the medals that you earn throughout the game. You can easily level up quick by getting tons of medals (because a lot of them are extremely EASY to get). Just look at your game summary at the end of your next game and see which medals you get a lot and just keep getting them in all of your next games for quick level ups!

Black Ops 2 Tip #34 - Remember that if you are using the engineer perk you can walk past enemy equipment (bouncing betties/claymores) without seeting them off instantly (like stalker pro in mw3). You don't have to destroy/hack their equipment which alerts the enemy to your presence!

Black Ops 2 Tip #33 - Remember that this game is supposed to be fun. If your starting to get angry at the game then stop playing it or go to a different lobby. The easiest way to avoid getting angry is to play with friends!

Black Ops 2 Tip #32 - Small thing you might already know...You can change your weapon sight's reticle (but not the colors of them =( ). And when you unlock a new reticle pattern, it can be used for every gun, not just the one you unlocked it with.

Black Ops 2 Tip #31 - Honestly, read the small advice thing that comes up on the loading screen before every match... You can sometimes learn something new! =]

*Black Ops 2 Tip #30 - Get into the habit (if you aren't already) of going directly into prone after missing a knife attack. Hopefully you can save yourself before dieing from the bullshit miss. =P

*Black Ops 2 Tip #29 - Pretty simple but, make sure you look at the minimap before you throw your carepackage marker. The spawns flip way too easy in this game, so make sure your team is on you, not the enemy.

*Black Ops 2 Tip #28 - If you use the engineer perk you can disarm a booby-trapped carepackage for some points! Not to mention it saves at least 1 of your teammates lives.

*Black Ops 2 Tip #27 - When you pick up the trophy system after it has already destroyed one piece of explosive, it can be placed down again as if you never deployed it.

*Black Ops 2 Tip #26 - Collecting your own tags in kill confirmed doesn't give you 250 points towards your scorestreak but you still get a medal that gives you 250 xp!

*Black Ops 2 Tip #25 - You can move the vtol warship from place to place by hitting the r2 trigger! Don't stay in one spot!

*Black Ops 2 Tip #24 - Remember that the hellstorm has a boost that you can use before you have it fire it's "hellstorm!"

*Black Ops 2 Tip #23 - An orbital vsat will show where an enemy stealth chopper is on the minimap.

*Black Ops 2 Tip #22 - The FMJ attachmet just about doubles weapon damage against enemy scorestreaks. It is BEAST at taking out sentry guns and guardians quick!

*Black Ops 2 Tip #21 - Think hardline is a useless perk? Well it's much better than ever! It reduces the amount of point you need for a scorestreak by 20%!

*Black Ops 2 Tip #20 - If you time it right you can dolphin dive or even just jump over a claymore and not die. You will get damaged quite a bit so make sure you hide afterwards and let your health regenerate!

*Black Ops 2 Tip #19 - Just like MW3 you can go prone to avoid bouncing betties. You can also just duck and not take any damage at all, unlike MW3.

*Black Ops 2 Tip #18 - Did you know EMP grenades can effect people and equipment through walls.

*Black Ops 2 Tip #17 - Flack Jacket is incredibly powerful. It can easily save you from grenades and can even save you from a lodestar's missile!

*Black Ops 2 Tip #16 - Have one class specifically to destroy killstreaks. Launcher, Blind Eye, Cold blooded, Engineer, emp grenade, and Black hat is one of the best set ups for it.

*Black Ops 2 Tip #15 - Did you know that if you have a combat knife as a secondary (no weapon picked) you can pick up any gun while wielding your primary and the gun only replaces the combat knife, not your primary.

*Black Ops 2 Tip #14 - If someone is killing you with a killstreak such as a loadstar or vtol warship, watch the killcam and look for the green diamond. That is where thay are and you can easily take them out ending their streak!

*Black Ops 2 Tip #13 - When you dive into prone you will get an extra 100 points (to your level xp, not pointstreak). You can also have killed someone well after you even dived to prone to get the points.

*Black Ops 2 Tip #12 - Did you know that you can spring for longer durations if you are wielding a combat knife!

*Black Ops 2 Tip #11 - Hardly ever use your secondary? Put a launcher as your secondary and shoot everything down! It is such easy points and helps your team!

*Black Ops 2 Tip #10 - Stuck because you don't know which weapon to choose? Watch killcams and see which weapon most enemies are killing you with and test that one out. If they use it, it must be for a reason.

*Black Ops 2 Tip #9 - Your weapons can prestige! Remember to prestige them so you can unlock everything again and get xp for it again and rank up faster!

*Black Ops 2 Tip #8 - Enemy camping in a room but you're not exactly sure where? Throw a sensor grenade in there and light him up on the minimap for everyone to see.

*Black Ops 2 Tip #7 - See a carepackage stuck on a roof or out of the map? AS long as you can see a small part of it you can get it using the blackhat!

*Black Ops 2 Tip #6 - Did you know when using a tactical insertion you can choose if you want to spawn where you placed it! In other words, you don't have to spawn back where an enemy is camping your tact insert. Save Yourselves!

*Black Ops 2 Tip #5 - Scavenger will resupply everything! (claymores, bettys, grenades...) as long as the person wasn'tkilled by anything explosive.

*Black Ops 2 Tip #4 - Remember that your killstreaks will stack to help you get your others. Even if you die or get it from a care package!

*Black Ops 2 Tip #3 - When you get into "find match" look at the bottom right corner and press the button for search preferences than select best. This should hopefully fix some lag issues you are having, if any.

*Black Ops 2 Tip #2 - Tired of showing up on a UAV and desperately want ghost? Use the Operative default class, it comes with ghost! Sacrifice a little for a lot.

*Black Ops 2 Tip #1 - Always run UAV. Ghost isn't unlocked until level 55 (the highest level you can achieve until you can prestige) so almost every one will appear on the minimap.

Well that's alot of tips. Hope that helps you :3

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# 14 is really helpful thanks!

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About #1, I feel like most people will use the token to bring Ghost with them on the first prestige.  Overall these were some good tips.  Good job. 

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Here's another one, don't use a Warthog in HC, it kills indiscriminately.

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not that  i'l ever get enough pts. for a warthog, but good tip  

hell it's killed me 2 times  in regular modewhen i get it from care package

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Tip #43 is terrible watching your mini map will get you killed

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aodhan567 wrote:

*Black Ops 2 Tip #12 - Did you know that you can spring for longer durations if you are wielding a combat knife!

if you swap to it BEFORE running you sprint for even longer..

i see so many people start sprinting then swap as i continue to run past them

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#13- you no longer get the dropshot medal if you stand up after you Dolphin Dive.

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Thank you

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thank you bro...see you on the battlefield

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