Black Ops II Xbox 360

Revenge Spawns

Are these an intentional thing that actually exist or a nickname for bad spawns?

Some games every time I kill a certain enemy they will come straight back round the corner, every time, no matter the map and where the teams are located.

I can generally read / guess where people will come at me from but it does get very frustrating / boring.

I find it hard to believe they're intentional, indicates more to me a broken spawn system. Also, spawning in bullet fire and dying before you've even realised you've spawned is not fun. I know the maps aren't massive but there must be other places to spawn. I'd rather spawn away from all the action and compose myself and strategise a return to the firefight, not get spawned in the middle of it.

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Re: Revenge Spawns

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thats CoD for you spawning you completely opposite to what you want.

want to get back to a certain point? well your being spawned across the map.

want 5 secs to yourself? well heres an enemy.

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