Black Ops II Xbox 360


some days ago i was trying to login on activision to report bossters. but i cant login cause i dont remember my password, so i tryed to get a new passwort but dont get any mail, then i tryed to register says me my mail is in use.

Then i tryed to get some support and found a site on facebook, but i think this site is maybe a fake (dont know if i can post the link here).

Totay i was like to play Black ops 2 and saw that i back in first prestige level 1.

I never was boosting!

The only thing what i think is that ,the guys wich i saw boosting , i was tell them that i will report that (i have a video from that) i think they all just reported me as booster (what i never did!). thats why i get reset i think. And i want back to my prestige and my stats.

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When boosters are reported I believe they can go back and look to see your kills for the reported time and they take action. 

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I know what you mean but , again i did never boosting or some other thinks.

But i found now that alot other guys have the same problem with his rank/stats.

There is somewhere a glitch if you play a localgame against bots. and i do that often when i start to play and my firewall is not open, then i restart my router and play for a while local game. this was what i did as my rank/stats was gone then

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