Remove Tactical Insertion!!!!

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sad, but true

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I don't use tac insert myself. I play a lot of Dom and I must say I do see some teammates using tac inserts cleverly ( especially around B Dom.) - I think "good work". I agree with the above replies saying that the tac insert is exploited for boosting. But, I don't think legit tactics in BO2 should be ruled out because of those who choose to ruin gaming for us who play the game as intended. If anything - increase penalties for boosting - I have no sympathy if caught red handed.

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I think so too. You get took em a couple of days to prestige master, what now its gonna be four days till they're second one. If the little boosters would just do what they did in waw, do it in their own lobby, it probably wouldn't bother me as much. But when some little booster unleashes a round of deadly scorestreaks in a good game it sucks. It's bad enough having to deal with the mp issues, only to finally get into a good game and have to deal with boosters. They should get banned. In the mean time drop the tac.

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I have used over 23K tactical insertions, and have exactly zero boosted kills.  The TI was my first unlock.  In my 8 days of gametime, I've run into fewer boosters than I can count on one hand.

If you run into boosters, use the in-game report fuction.  They will get what's coming to them.

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i see nothing wrong with tacs

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The main reason people use tacs are for boosting and spawn trapping. Remove them and let everyone spawn together.

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I see tacs all the time. I think they can be used well in specific situations. I love camping them... MUHAHAHAHAHA. Nothing like countering a tac insert by waiting for a guy to re-spawn... FREE KILL!

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I've got no problem with TACS.  I use them sometimes to stay close to the action.  You can do some horrible things to people on Hijacked if you use em.

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Just like the other 4 years of hundreds of posts on the same subject, removing tac inserts will not stop boosters they will always find another way to boost.

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