Remove Tactical Insertion!!!!

Black Ops II Xbox 360

Play 4v4 league play and boom, no tac insert.

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I saw on a few previous posts mainly bout campers, using Engineer (Which i adopt as a main perk) lights up that tac insert like a christmas tree! I played a game on meltdown last night, dude was sniping and dropping a tac insert, I got 2 bloodthirty's that game cuz it was easy double kills, Yeah people are boosting, But without the TAC they will find a different way, u see someone boosting, REPORT THEM! Nobody is goin to know. Shit, I wouldnt be surprised if someone reported me and i NEVER use tac for the fear that someone is gonna be campin my tac and shoot me once i spawn. Oh and anyone usin any sort of controller thats not the default Xbox controller in my mind is a loser. Idc if its approved by the gaming gods or what, its gay, its an improved device, its not the defaults and your obviously overcompansating for your lack of skill. </endrant>

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Get a grip ! The same complaint every game release and guess what, the tac insert is still around. Find something constructive to post about or you might as well complain to wall because that's all that's going to listen to you .

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