Random stat reset, didn't request it

Black Ops II Xbox 360

I see more and more people mentioning it, but I want to have my rant about it too.

2 days ago I was prestige 3 lvl 45, and was playing with no problems what so ever, then I downloaded that new update yesterday, and in doing so I lost 3 CAC slots, 3 permanent unlocks (Ghost, Claymores and the AN-94) and all my unlock tokens I should've earnt getting to lvl 45.

I also lost all the stuff I had already unlocked via tokens, weapons, equipment, perks and wildcards.

Only good thing I could spot is that I didn't lose my camos, calling cards, aiming reticles or emblems, but every single one was listed as "new" and even though a brief screen popped up saying I had stat reset (which I hadn't) my K/D, W/L ratio and SPM were all still the same.

I then went in to barracks and saw my weapon history was displaying my most used weapons were weapons I have either never used or used like once, and showing kills: 4.0265318e+008.

I know a lot of others have experienced this, some are listing it as a virus, others reckon it's the last patch.

All I can say is I am glad I didn't get the season pass, because if this isn't fixable, then I will be signing off on the game right here and trading it in before it drops in value, as I have put nearly 3 days time played in to this multiplayer, and not willing to do all that again just because someone activision's side messed up.

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You might want to send a pm to cutpurse


It could be a while before he sees it because of the holidays.

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Thanks, I suppose anything is worth a try, just hope I get a reply before I trade the game in from sheer annoyance haha.

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Because of the holidays.  - Refer ppl here instead.

Please contact ATVI Assist if you are having this issue. Send them a PM (private message) with the following information in this format:

Console - Gamertag/SEN ID
(example: Xbox - ClaireJeepChick)

What was the last thing you did before this occurred

What did you lose? (Rank, prestige level ect...)


Claire JeepChick

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Well I posted this nearly 30 hours ago, with a rather speedy response from a mod to say who to message, and since then, sweet FA has been done, I haven't heard a thing from anyone, my game is still messed up, and it is actually causing me to not play the game, incase it messes up more, which I don't want to have happen, I really wouldn't of cared at all if I had of gotten to keep my unlock tokens, both normal and prestidge, but I didn't...I managed to get 2 prestidge tokens for complete unlock, but nothing else, same goes for losing a few CaC slots...Treyarch - this isn't what I would call a good customer service, you break a load of people's profiles and games, then leave us in the complete dark with what has actually happened, not even a "we have realised a problem has happened and we are working on fixing it"...We just have nothing...just sat here twiddling our thumbs hoping this is fixable and not the end of our profiles....

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