Raising UAV Scorestreak..Campfest

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Camping is as a valid as a strategy as red dot hunting tbf.  I suspect I'll benefit from this change as I don't run Ghost nor suppressor usually as I need other attachments for LMGs but I'm not entirely convinced how good this change is what other people say it is.

You say UAV is a crutch but that can be said about other streaks, like the Predator Missile in MW2 and MW3, which take fewer kills to get than a UAV in BO2 (TDM only as it's the only viable comparison that I know of).  And it's not like you can chain powerful setups like you can in MW2 or MW3.

But it doesn't compare to the Emergency Aidrop from MW2.  8 kills gives you 4 care packages.  And that's not including the extremely powerful perks in the game.

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i actually started camping a bit before they changed this due to the fact that there were so many uavs, trying to run and flank someone became such a chore. even if using ghost, somewhere along the line i must have slowed down to much or tried to climb a rock or something... and running around the corner only to see that they reversed direction, laid down aimed down sight waiting for me.

so yeah, i started camping, letting them come to my red dot, using a launcher on every piece of air traffic i possibly could... the uav in the air is more of a reason for camping than anything else, in my opinion.

and on one of you other points, in domination, i try to have no more than 2 captures. mostly i run and cap b right at the start. i like to have a ton of defends, though. thats all that is needed.

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That is how I play, but I am talking about the players with 0 caps, or have 1 or 2 at the very end of the game.  If you have 2 objectives, then it is not camping to defend them.  When your team is behind, and you have 1 objective, and are laying at the back of the map, it is camping.  Limited UAV is letting people camp.

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the problem i see is that people are afraid of the uavs, so they don't run around anymore, though. obviously that is just my take on it, and you could be right.

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UAV's should only be in core and HC should remain hardcore. Oh wait, they ruined hardcore this morning. My bad.

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If it was meant to be up constantly then they would have put it there constantly instead of making it a scorestreak, some people rely on it far too much and it's made them lazy.

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Now that it's harder to acquire one, the red dot chasers are complaining. They depend too much on the UAV and without it, they are having a hard time finding the enemies. I believe that the UAV is a crutch used by bad players who uses it more than their eyes to locate enemies. They should have increased it higher and closer to the Counter UAV.

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If anything, I say the lack of UAVs would be a good thing. Remember MW3? Camping was predominant because you were gridlocked because people would run Recon+Flashbangs, sitrep pro, UAV, Advanced UAV, recon drones etc.

People have ghost now anyways so the radar isn't 100% reliable. People like me, who like their lightweights and flak jackets, can now run a little safer.

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This game promotes camping no matter what they try and fix. The Lag Comp is so bad that players get pissed when they die in bull crap 1v1 encounters, so they decide to sit in corners of rooms in order to get the drop on enemy players that are ~1 second ahead of them due to lag. Camping is the only way to combat lag comp.

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People are obsessed with campers...

If you attempt like 3 or 4 times to kill a camper and you aren't succeeding, can't you just, you know, go around him?

If he is camping in a corner, and you are feeding him kills, it's you who is at fault, just warn your team and leave him be.

If they are camping an objective, then that's called playing the objective.

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