Black Ops II Xbox 360

Nov 2012

Purchased BO2, excited that there's a new COD now and played it all night long. Several days went by, glitches here and there, but overall, matchmaking was fast, the teams were decent, and nobody really had the upper hand on one another due to the game being new and nobody was really used to it yet.

Time goes by, fast forward to the Escort Drone glitch, Friend of mine calls an Escort Drone on Nuketown and can't figure out what killed him or why it killed him. Didn't see the Escort Drone in the sky. We both died at the same time, and I spawned on one side of a backyard, he spawned on the other. Immediately I see him get sliced to bits by the blades of a chopper! Glitch fixed, amazingly hilarious but now gone.

Nuketown 24/7 map removed. Go figure. This starts the downhill fall.

Dec 2012

As a party, my friend and I played lots of games together, most of our BO2 careers in fact. He begins to notice that there are people that cannot die no matter what gun you're using, how much you spray at them, or how close/far you are form the opponent. He'd get rolled in a game while I go 10-5 or 15-8, and the very next game he'd end up going 19-6 while I go 2-21. Complete garbage, I know, but it was noticed as a problem around this time. It didn't matter if he was the party host or if I was, or what game mode we played. We'd get matched with people thousands of miles away from us and get destroyed.

I played by myself some of the time in December, and even had an amazingly awesome 51-2 game that brought me a Swarm and VTOL from a care package in the same match on Carrier. Had a freaking blast.

Several hotfixes released, a couple in a day one time if I remember correctly. Seemed good, Treyarch trying to do whatever they can to fix the issues that plagued us and even had enough respect for their customers to let us know what they changed in a couple updates. But then... after Christmas is when it really goes south.

Jan 2013

First week of January brought some fun, but not much. Really not much to say about it other than blah.

Jan 8th, hotfix released, and was the last hotfix still to this date (Jan 16th). Absolutely abhorrent gameplay. Cannot find matches. Cannot get hit markers. Lag like you wouldn't believe. Partying up with friends proves to be the ONLY way I can find matches in BO2 multiplayer now. When I can actually find a match, it's with a bunch of Puerto Rican people.... they're almost 2000 freaking miles from me!!! Before the hotfix I was consistently matched with people from random parts of Ohio and Pennsylvania (I am from mid Ohio). There were some bad matches with those players but overall it was fair gameplay and had some fun. Clan Ops were actually possible to complete on the weekends, although the lag was consistently worse each weekend, and increases each weekend as well.

Fast forward a little to Jan 14-16th.

Decided that after 6-7 days of this hotfix that BO2 is completely NOT worth playing onlne at all anymore. Still no hitmarkers. Being killed form around corners. Screen shows me moving around the map and killcams show me standing still (and one even showed my character with his thumb up his rear looking all confused as to why I wasn't controlling it). When I try to move, my character snaps back to the position he was in originally, and when I stop moving, my character ends up snapping from one side of the map, or from the center of the map, all the way to the edge, ultimately resulting in many suicides by falling off the edge of the map.

Clan Ops are now impossible to try to do. Domination results in going 5-25 each match. Core TDM results in maybe 8-16, sometimes worse. Forget Core CTF... 2-25 is consistnent now, when just last week alone (the Core CTF challenge before this hotfix on Tuesday night) I was able to do "reasonable" in anyone's mind.

So, that's my story of how BO2 has declined to a completely unplayable state, and while I sit here writing this, I feel my blood boil at the fact that the last hotfix has destroyed a game I spent over 200 hours playing. I'll definitely be checking the game manufacturer of each game I purchase from here on out, because after this experience I know my mother would turn over in her grave if she knew I continued to put food on Treyarch's table.

Farewell, BO2, and BO forum people! Sorry I didn't get to meet some of you seemingly awesome people, but as of right now, this game is now RIP status for me. Maybe in a couple months once they finally realize they're screwing us players, they'll undo what they did on Jan 8th and make this game playable again for me as well as many others who cannot stand the 23.446.21 hotfix.

Edited to add: Since Jan 8th as well, I have noticed that lobbies are mainly now comprised of 6 players on one team who completely roll the opposite team. I stay and try to play a few games in each lobby before I back out and wait fifteen minutes to find another, after I block the player who I do not want to be matched with again. This isn't a "wait til the next game for things to even out" thing, either, I've tried and failed at this many times, fattening up kids' egos all across the world when I get this abhorrent lag and they think they're killing an AFK player.

ETA: These 6 players (sometimes 5 on one side) are NOT in parties just about as often as I find groups who are in parties, so it's a 50/50 mix most of the time.

ETA: youtube video of the sort of snapping around the map I am experiencing, coming soon. Waiting for it to upload now.

ETA: Upload done. The first 10 seconds are where I am snapping around. The rest of the video appears to show my character moving normally, but I die in one shot (as usual, regardless of what weapon the enemy uses against me). Also, why do YouTube videos never show up properly on this forum? I've updated Java, Flash, etc, but no video that's ever been shared on this forum has appeared for me to watch it properly.

ETA: Jan 18; 623p -

Jan 16

About 2 hours after I wrote this post, I wanted to try one more time to see if the game would play proper for me. I had about 20 matches which all played decently, and out of the final 3 matches I played Jan 16th night, there was only one match that gave me these snapping issues.

Jan 17

Played some more to see if things ran smooth. Aside from the occasional lag switcher I ran into (reported too, of course), I had a pretty decent experience. I found it pretty odd how things ran a lot smoother overall after I made this long post. I had a good percentage of really enjoyable games of Domination. So, things were starting to look up a little.

Jan 18

Today things are right back to the way they were. Snapping around the screen. Spawn and it looks like I'm swapping my weapons rapidly for 20 seconds. One guy on each team is doing amazingly well compared to all the rest. This happens no matter what lobby I get into. So, i went from Domination over to Hardcore TDM, which is my favorite. It gets worse. I jump into the Bonus Moshpit and while things still feel rough, it's a little better. Match just started, so I will be back later.

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Legitimate complaints.

See you in the next shooter.

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Likewise, Griefbot.

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I feel your pain. The last hotfix initially put me on the bad side of lag for a few days. As usual, it sort itself out without me doing anything on my side. I rarely feel the lag anymore but I swear my stats went down when series .2x hotfix dropped.

I hope the game will sort itself out for you just like it did for me.

Anyway, see you on MW4.

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My stats went straight down for a month and a half. I've only just started going back up in the last two weeks

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Ditto sorry its not working for you and others. See you i MW4.

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I can agree with every one of these complaints. Ever since I hit Prestige Master, I cannot bring myself to play this game. Since now there's nothing to work for (I don't care for Diamond camouflage and Calling Cards), there's no point playing. The game just isn't fun.

Unfortunately, I fell for the Season Pass. I got screwed over with the ELITE subscription and Battlefield 3 Premium, and I'm afraid it's happened again. So when the new maps come out, I'll most likely throw the game in and try 'em out.

Man, it just pisses me off that I spent $79.99 on the Hardened Edition and $50.00 on the Season Pass, and the game is in this state where I don't even want to play it.

I've learnt one thing from my experience with video-games in the past sixteen months - think before I buy. I must stop buying games on "impulse" and remember what has happened in the past.

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vespervin wrote:

Unfortunately, I fell for the Season Pass. I got screwed over with the ELITE subscription and Battlefield 3 Premium, and I'm afraid it's happened again. So when the new maps come out, I'll most likely throw the game in and try 'em out.

What? You got screwed for buying BF3 Premium? That premium is worth every dolar you gave, every dlc gave you 4 awesome MP maps plus weapons, vehicles, dogtags and so on

Only COD screwed you with ELITE because they didn't tell you maps are going to suck and and in some DLCs you will not get MP maps at all lol lol lol

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The lagfest started two weeks after release for me. The game was unplayable from then till January. Now it's tolerable, but nowhere near the connection I experienced the first two weeks. It might just take awhile.

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Sorry to hear about your bad experience. The last update made the game a bit worse for me but it has kind of evened out over the last few days. The one before on the same day was fantastic, made the game great for a few hours.

Funny though after reading your post I realize since the last update I'm seeing less 'Ohio' '440' '216' clan tags. (I'm from Cleveland.)

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