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I'm with you. Bring back hotfix 23.445.20. Everyone has said it was amazing and this hotfix is shite. After a week of shite, I've had enough and am now feeling like a proper mug for spending my money on the season pass. Game is unplayable. I'm lucky to end a game even. Had a solid evening on FIFA13 instead for the first time since I got it for Christmas.

Played a game on MW2 and MW3 today. It's so nice to play with a decent connection but highlights BO2 is actually a much better game, if it worked. Such a shame.

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Yeah, BO2's graphics and sound effects smash BO1 out of the water, hands down, but those features don't matter one bit when it comes down to playability. I'd rather have the quality of BO1 and MW3 mixed together on a --PLAYABLE-- BO2, rather than this fancy mess that is unplayable.

I did notice that in the 3 matches I tested earlier, when attempting to capture data, there were more OHIO tags, etc.

And hello there, Cleveland guy (that's my hometown!).

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Did this just happen one game or many games in a row with many different hosts?  I rarely hop around unless the host is very bad.

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Every single game I entered up until 2 hours after I made this thread did it. I changed absolutely NOTHING on my network or anything else. I just played a couple dozen games of dom with nearly no issues up until the very last 3 out of 4 games, the conditions came back aside from my very last game, which went seemingly smoothly, with nearly perfect hit marker accuracy and player-screen location sync.

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That was well written without any insults, good job.

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You seem to have had a truly awful experience, mate. If mine had been that bad, I'd have thrown the towel in, too. See you in MW4!

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Mate i really feel for you. I completely get where your coming from with all this, i experience this all the time. I've stopped looking at the stats and to be honest i take the rough with the smooth now and it about equals itself out IMO.

I certainly understand why people could possibly want to put this game down and never pick it up again though. Personally I love it, regardless of all its faults I think its really well thought out game and balanced (just not in terms of connection issues).

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I live on the gulf coast here in the states. Every time I play against someone in Ohio I get screwed. I always have to make sure my encounters have a lot of distance so I can empty an entire clip, take cover, reload and repeat. If it’s CQC I lose the gun battle regardless of who shot first. It’s the same situation with people from Canada, New York and California.  Not sure if it’s the distance, routing of the data, my ISP or what but I can definitely relate to your frustration.

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The games is  really unstable for me, I'll have a day where it's pretty fun and accurate and the next 5 days in a row are horrible.

Even when I have good games I always wonder if the other team had horrible lag and just couldn't get me, kind of a catch 22.

BTW to the op very well written post

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later. nobody will miss you and you probably will continue to play anyway just as you take time to post of their forums.

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