Question about lightening strike

Black Ops II Xbox 360

Question about lightening strike

Maybe I am a newb for asking this, but I have noticed when bringing up the lightening strike that sometimes a pulse goes across the screen showing where the enemies are (like one sweep with the UAV) and other times the pulse does not appear.  I thought this might have to do with whether there is a UAV up or not, but this does not appear the case.  Is there a reason why sometimes the pulse occurs and other times it does not?  It seems like for a while it used to always pop up, and now it does not that often.  Maybe I missed something.

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Re: Question about lightening strike

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I noticed that it was a bit funny too. I have noticed that I cannot pull up the lightning strike map more than once without loosing the player indicators. UAV or not.

Anyone else clarify please?

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Re: Question about lightening strike

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Yea its a glitch since the recent patch. The recent patch has messed with alot of things and i believe as soon as the new DLC is officially released it should go back.

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