Black Ops II Xbox 360

I have a TP-Link W8951ND Router and the QOS Page might as well be in another language. Was hoping someone here could give me some help on how to set it up properly.

1. I have 2 xbox's connected by ethernet cables to the router. Lan ports 1 and 2 (the only 2 things plugged in)

2. I want them both to have the highest priority and wifi to have second priority. (want to make sure the xbox is more important then g/f's laptop on wifi) lol

3. Here is a link to a picture of the QOS page of my router.

My attempt at this is checking the 2 boxes for the 2 ethernet ports, then at the very bottom in the action section, putting the Queue as "Highest". That could be the right thing to do but it doesnt feel right having all those empty boxes/options. Any help is appreciated.

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