Black Ops II Xbox 360

I was playing a nice game of Hardcore Team Deathmatch and this guy walked infront of my gun and made me kill him, so I got kicked from the game and now I have probation. This is my second time in two maatches having probation. Why do we have probation please tell me!!!

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because treyarch thinks it helps...hahahah they are probably the dumbest game company out there.

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I've accidentally killed my teammates here and there but never was suspended.  I've seen many pele kicked from HC games for multiple killings of teammates and maybe probation is a result of that.  Hard to believe that you would be placed n probation for a one time mistake.

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That is exactly the reason why I stopped playing hardcore. Plenty of people have already posted things like this regarding probation. Maybe you should play core where these type of situations won't happen.

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