Probation for losing connection in matches

Black Ops II Xbox 360

This weekend I spent several periods of time on probation. As a player who doesn't back out of matches when I am getting my butt handed to me this is very frustrating. It happened twice in league play and 3-4 times in public matches. Almost every time it happened following a host migration that failed. The most mind boggling one happened after the match ended and we got back to the lobby and THEN lost connection to host. I tried to enter a new lobby and had to serve a probation.

I understand that there is a need to prevent people from dashboarding to keep their stats up, but there needs to be some checks and balances in place to make sure that the damage done to the casual gamer who cares less about stats and more about enjoying gaming time with friends/family.

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This is just getting ridiculous now. Got probation several times for legitimately backing out after we won a game to the main menu/ lobby. Somebody needed to take a piss break or something between games, we go to start matching making and one or more of us have probation. Tried to join a friend's game in progress, failed to connect, and you guessed it, probation. In Hardcore, it seems like people know this is going on, and they are purposely jumping into your line of fire to get you kicked. Yeah this always goes on somewhat, but people are doing it even more now.

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I just got a 5 min probation for getting kicked out after a failed host migration.

I love this game.

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