Black Ops II Xbox 360

well unless i can look at lobby leaderboards and the barracks options while im running and gunning then i can definatley say i wasnt in the game when i quit. leaving the lobby to log off for the night was the last thing i did before logging in nearly 1.5 hours ago to have a probation thrown at me, from what i understand of the probation system it drops you out of the lobby you are currently in to start the timer if you get put on it while playing, but i may be wrong on this since im only going off what my mates that have been put on probation are saying. i didnt quit any games last night due to me an my mates all joing the same lobby then looking for a match.

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Most probation folks I have no pity for but in your particular case I am a bit baffled.  Something must have caused it to kick in.  Where you having connection issues the night before?  Or maybe lost connection to the host a few times?  Both of those have been known to register as dashboarding to the probation system.

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no connection issues or problems with the host as i had host for most of the games i played last night, and when i didnt have host i had a 4 bar connection, so its got me baffled aswell.

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Does anyone else have access to your xbox that may have played after you went to bed? Just a thought, though you would probably already know if there was and thought of it.

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nobody else in the house to play it after i go to bed, might just chalk it up to bad luck nd hope 3Arc see it and might know what happened.

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More than likely because you quit that last match before you went to sleep is the reason. Because you didn't try to initiate the timer that night it carried over to the next day.

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this morning i jumped on black ops 2 to find myself on probation, but with playing tombraider and uncharted 3 i havent been on black ops 2 for nearly a week so how the hell has this happened ?

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I understand your situation cause my Internet sucks, and sometimes I get a Connection Interrupted signal and I kinda leave the game without even a WANT to leave. I usually sit on probation. 3Arc needs to do something.

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in reply to Collaredtundra

Yes, they need to raise the punishment much more, that´s what they need to do.

Of course is your situation sad @ collaredtundra but there is not one single reason why OTHERS have to suffer (it leads to a failed host migration!) under YOUR problems.

Go and annoye the hell out of your isp, get a better modem or do whatever it takes to better your situation, so you and other people will take benefit from it!

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fix the bullshit probation system 3Arc, this is the second time this week ive got probation when i log in for the first time today to a probation, the last match i left was from the pre game lobby again, yet my mate who left 3 matches early just last night still hasnt had a proabation. i roughed out the iffy connections leaving only from a pre game lobby to find a different game type.

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