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Black Ops II Xbox 360

Ok, sorry if this has already been answered in another thread but after a search I did not find any threads asking my excact question.

Will I be able to buy BLOPS2 on release day from the xbox live market place.  I do not what to physically own a copy of the game because they just break, I do not care about double xp, or the nuke town map from preorder. if I can get them thats a bonus. I just want to be able to download and play the game literally as soon as it is released without haveing to run to gamestop and get a physical copy.  If there is a way to digitally preorder the game I will do that in a heart beat but searches thus far have come up short.

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It will not be available for download on xbox until next autumn sometime. So I suggest you buy it on release day.

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well, thats just terrible marketing on there side i guess a trip to game stop in instore for tomarrow night at midnight.

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Ive never understood the game marketplace for downloading the games! =\

imo it should be cheaper (even if just marginally) than buying it retail as they dont have to produce discs pay for shipping etc. Yet 99% of the time, the marketplace charges up to double the price of in store prices, especially older games u can pick up for a fiver or a tenner in a shop, and they still charge nearly £30 for it!

Think they need to evaluate the marketplace if they ever wanted to go download only! =\

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