Post vids of you stopping the boosters

Black Ops II Xbox 360

Post vids of you stopping the boosters

Just got out of a match where there was 2 boosters on the boats.. So i took it up on my self to tube there tacs and team kill the other idiots. I know one more ill be kicked. So i announce it to the team that there are boosters in the back. So everybody went, including the other team and watch them. So we all gather around and all but me stated to tube the crap out of them. They rage quit and i get hate messages.. Few of my friends pop on and i ask them to have some fun, so we follow those boosters around for about 3 games and each time we announce to the lobby there are boosters in the crowd. Again we go booster hunting and take care of them. I am trying to get the damn vids to upload but hotel internet is pretty slow. I like to see some of your vids of you busting out the boosters your way. Shoot, stab or tube? Be creative... teach us o mighty one.

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Re: Post vids of you stopping the boosters

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You don't we'd to post videos especially not here.

Reporting ingame is enough. Move on and forget about it

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