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Post ALL Updates...

Multiple times I have been alerted while playing that the settings have been updated, and that I must exit to the main menu for them to be applied. Being slightly OCD, I would like to know ANY changes to the game, even if its as vague as the last update:

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Re: Post ALL Updates...

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Agreed, would like to see all HotFix and Update Notes.

This would be an awesome thing for them to put in the "Message of the Day", but they insist on using that for advertising.

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Re: Post ALL Updates...

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Your not kidding there. Idk if your american, but its like watching the super bowl every time you log in. Just obnoxious advertisment lol

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Re: Post ALL Updates...

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I would like a "Don't show me this message again" option.

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Re: Post ALL Updates...

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I would like that too but doubt it will ever happen. That way players will always have the chance to see about any new upcoming changes to the game so they have no excuse for complaing about something they did not know about.

The ticker is there and shown each day so you know the latest changes that they decide should be seen.

Back to the original reason of the post. I doubt they will ever show the full list of what an update has; because somethings in updates have no bearing and no meaning to any one playing the game that does not understand what those changes may do. Plus some will then go and try the game and then try to call bs that those changes did nothing and then complain, the same as it happens in any update thread ever made. where they say they changed a certain weapon but it was not enough or was too much and then some player comes and cries even more about it.

So though you may have ocd, it does not mean they have to tell you everything no matter how much you may want it ever. The fact they say anything is more than they really even have to do. they could make a change and never say a word about what was in it if they really wanted too and not even let you know a change was even made.

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