Possible Lodestar glitch.

Black Ops II Xbox 360

Dont know if anyone has brought this up yet but I just got done playing a game and while i was using lodestar I cycled through my streaks and got another lodestar. When I came out of the killstreak i was unable to use my next one, it just skipped it.

at about 3:25.

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They don't completely stack so if you try to have consecutive Lodestars, you're risking losing one of them if not timed properly.

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Same thing happened to me yesterday.

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As an avid Lodestar user, I'll tell you that I think this is done as a balancing factor. I usually run UAV, VSAT, Lodestar and am usually able to cycle to my next streak and when I'm halfway to my second VSAT, I whip out the first lodestar. If you use an earlier lodestar when your scorestreak is at about 1100 or higher, you're gonna cycle over the second lodestar. This seems unlikely because technically you would need -400 divided by 15 = about 26ish kills to cycle over. This isn't the case. I have used a total of about 530 lodestars and it cycles over if I'm not careful. One lodestar usually racks in 10-15 kills but the killstreak is fairly glitchy and yea whatever. Dafaq did i just read

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thanks bro-dingo

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yep same thing happened to me. i ended up with 2 right after one ended. i ended up getting two legit warthogs in one game the other day, after i switched from the lodestar.

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