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Hello fellow forum-goers, Ive noticed over the years of playing CoD (since CoD4) that people will do what they want.

It is a given, but most do not seem to notice.... the game is meant to be played however the player wants. Not how a single player wants the world to.

What are some different playstyles youve noticed?

Mine is my clan's way: Stealthy and Slow.

We hold the best part of the map down, plain and simple. If we pick an area to hold, and the team covers each sector. We arent "campers" we arent "rushers"

were simply Tactical.

I know most people cant be patient... so RnG is the only option? Lemme know about how some of you play Black Ops II

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Re: Playstyle.

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I think people focus on having to pick or choose one playstyle.

In my experience... the best players adjust their game to the game mode, map, and situation at hand.

Anyone who only camps.... Only runs and guns.... is usually going to be a detriment to their team.

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Re: Playstyle.

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Some clan members and I have had a little squabble over that recently. Would it not be better to find out how a soldier fights, then prep accordingly?

I have to have that set-up, only reason I bought the Xtra CAC slots.

10 classes + 5 different main weapon types = two sets of five classes, one featuring a suppressed set, the other going loud.

The Xtra class slots let me set those up, and customize for each gamemode!

EDIT: So have you found a tried-and-true "playstyle" that wins the game more often than not? I understand if not, the player base changes are pretty drastic sometimes...

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Re: Playstyle.

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Thats exactly the point of having up to 100 CaC slots. Each 10 classes in each set should be able to prepare you for anything the enemy throws at you. I have Blind Eye for HK spammers, Ghost for UAV spammers, heck, even a riot shield class (more for lols).

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Re: Playstyle.

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I have actually watched my playstyle evolve since CoD3. I have transformed from bad kid camper style to monsterous run N gun doesnt afraid of anything style. But as much as it has changed it has also stayed the same.

My current playstyle is extremely agressive. This is the bit that has changed. I didnt used to be so agressive. But I noticed that more often then not the players I considered good were not the ones who could beat me by camping, but they were the ones who could trash me while being reckless run N gun. And in todays game being agressive like this usually catches people off guard.

What I mean is this, If Im in a bad position but I see a way to get out of your line of sight then Im going to use that to advance as close as possible to you before you see me again. Reason is most players kinda track you in their minds when they lose sight of you and they aim where they think you will pop out again based off of where you last were. If you rush up while they cant see you, your no longer exactly where they thought you were.

But the bit that has stayed the same is the fact that Im a defender. I defend others so that they can achieve the teams goal. I dont plant the bomb or cap the flags. I create a perimeter so that you can. Im fine with sacrificing the points from caping or what ever. I get enough from slaughtering the enemy as is. (my goal right now is to get a 500 SPM in just about all play lists, I have a few that are really close... KC goal is 600)

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