Ping Times and Lag Compensation Analysis

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Re: Ping Times and Lag Compensation Analysis

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I find it funny that most of the population that plays COD are not even aware of LAG comp and it's effects gamplay. I thought MW3 was bad,boy was I wrong. BOII is by far the worst that I have exp to date.

If I play solo I pull host all the time; when I'm clearly shooting first and still get downed over and over I leave and guess what ( host migration ).  My Dowload is: 22, Upload: 6 and Ping to a local server is around 20. Every now and then I get a pretty solid connection and the game feels great and it's really fun. Also I may add that I'm always put into foreign lobbies which are mainly Spanish from what I can tell.  I'm not sure why this is, maybe due to my location/region (New Orleans, LA) and the servers just allocate within the same region as them.

I'm on PS3 and all of my gear is pretty good: Motorola DOCSIS 3.0 , NetGear higher end router which I have hardwired to the PS3. Open Nat type as well. Punished constantly!  Most of my Buds I game with have significantly weaker connection and gear and have a slightly better experience. So in turn spending money on good gear and a solid Net connection has got me nowhere.

Bottom line is that we are all experiencing Lag some worse than others but its there. I believe there are too many variables for connections to balance right for everyone.

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