Personal thoughts to combat lag comp. Can someone confirm if they did the same?

Black Ops II Xbox 360

I went from 7mbps to 50 and didnt notice a thing.

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I actually had Roadrunner lite as they call it and it's definitely worse than the standard highspeed Roadrunner.  It's a bad move imo.  You'll actually see a good bit more 3 bar lobbies than you currently do.  I'd suggest doing what you can to improve your system rather than downgrading it.  If you are still using the cable modem that TW provides you might want to look into getting one made for gaming.  The standard one that they gave me worked but it was a tier down from the ones that they recommend for gaming.  I'm not saying that a new router will make all of your problems go away but it sure helped me to get some consistency.  I still get the occasional laggy game but its no where near as often as I used to.

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Timewarner offers a gaming one?

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I dont know if others have expierieced this but the later in the night I play the more lag I have.  I live in the eastern time zone in america and when I'm playing from 1pm to 10pmish  this game runs extremely smooth most of the time, but after that is when it becomes laggy.  It gets so bad that late night play i get crushed.  I go from being one of the top players in the lobby to one of the worst.  This could be because there are a lot more of the really good players online or host/lobbies ect.  But its like this everyday.

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Yeah, definitely gets worse later. Once it gets a past prime time in your area, it's primetime further away from you so, probably getting hosts that are even further away from you. I notice the same thing in the midwest. After 11pm or so, things start getting dicey. Once I hit say midnight here in Missouri, it's only 10pm and still prime time on the west coast, hence probably getting put into lobbies with mostly those players. Then I can't kill anyone. Haha. 

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I'm sort of the same.  After 7 pm Pacific standard time my games go to crap.

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The later you play the worse it gets, is because more people are getting online. What you forget to think about is your connection you pay for from the ISP is not dedicated. You are sharing with your neighbors and everyone from your to the hub. Your connection has a speed rating, but your PING and quality of service will degrade when everyone else is home. 1-10pm.... If I play in the morning(10am-1pm), or late at night(12-3). I usuaully have no gripe about this game at all. It's prime time where I get pissed the most.

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I use all Mac computers at my house and have Fios.  I downloaded this thing:

No clue what it does but it seemed to help a bit.  BO2 still lags but MW3 plays perfect now.  I know there's PC versions from Fios that help with latency for high speed internet.  I'm guessing Road Runner has their own version for the PC.

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I am a tech kind of guy. I like to tinker and mess with things. After my router died two days before BO2 release I went and got a new dual bad router. I had the 50/10 internet from time warner. Then I relized it was over kill... I degraded to the 20/2. It's on point. The neighbor has the 10/1. In which I have connected to and used. To be level, none of those speeds matter. All they will do is the faster the speed the more chance to be host.

Now remember this game requires NO MORE THAN 750ks speed... up or down. It's not your SPEED that is causing a problem. It's the game. Plain and simple. Don't go raising or lowering your bill for a game, if you don't need the speed then go ahead and decrease it.

Your QOS settings.. The reason people say it helps is because they get host less. In the end your ping is what matters. Not the stupid ping you get from a it's whatever ping you get from some random person the game chose to be host.

Now say the game chooses this person with a great connection. Then joe down the street from him starts downloading a torrent. BAM! his awesome connection just crapped out, and everyone is going to suffer.

Lag Comp is required to play online in ANY game.... Its always be around but now they are tweaking it and messing it up. All that needs to be done is a better host selection process, and the lag comp neeeds to be pulled back a lot... I would reather sit in the lobby longer for a great game than the quick selections we have now.

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Just Download Big Files on Pirate bay wile you play and you will be amazed at how much lag comp will be in your favor. I have tested this theory out personally and actually took it a step further. I called my ISP and asked them for 2 hours if they could lower my internet from the highest plan to the lowest plan. and tested this out for 2 hours just playing game after game and. Having Higher ping compared to the lower ping on better internet! It works!!!

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