People not running anymore, just camping. (Ghost Fault)

Black Ops II Xbox 360

Now that Ghost its useless, all the teams are camping on a SINGLE area. Its Impossible to win a team doing that, Spam of UAVS.  They now you can see them, thats why they camp ALL in a single area and dont even MOVE!!

Now everyone its scared to run on the map cause the UAV Spam and Ghost Nerfed, i better stay in a corner headglitching, camp and win the game.

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use a grenade or just flash / run in?

campers have been around for yeaaaaaaars, so theres no point in moaning now.  just find a way to flush them out, use your equipment.  be smart.

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Two problems there, Flack Jacket and Tac Mask

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does tac mask save you against flash / stun?

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Yes it lessens the effect of flash and stun

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If its anything like BO then it will pritty much remove it, the ammount of players I killed with that perk because the tossed a flash and asumed I was blind then rushed straight into my gunfire was unbeliveable.

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thanks for the head up! i'll set up a class with ghost and DS to run in there, smoke grenades and RPG's! they wont be in there for long!

If people are camping and the games not going how you thought, change tactics, i always have a class set up for different purposes.

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This will only work in TDM. In objective games you have to move to win. The COD veterns will show these guys how to play without ghost just like the old days.

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Fun...targets, can't wait.

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It's early.

Is it because of ghost? Or is it because of UAV spam + playing on maps that aren't all that familiar right now?

I wouldn't be concerned just yet.

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