PTFO class setup

Black Ops II Xbox 360

*Play The Fun Objectives* --my translation--

"Make mutliple classes with different combinations based on what objective mode you were playing"

Perks:  You will be running around a lot with tons of explosions being directed in your path.  I would stick with Flak Jacket, Extreme Conditioning, and Tactical Mask.  If you feel the need to protect your teammates from Frags, Fast Hands can be utilized to throw them back, in addition to placing your Tac Insert with more speed.

Equipment:  For myself, I usually stick to using Smoke (with Dual Band or MMS), Trophy System, or two C4s via Danger Close.  But the equipment you absolutely NEED at all times, is the Tactical Insertion.

Weapons:  If you want to move around very quickly, try using an SMG.  As your secondary, you should carry an FHJ launcher.  Since you (might) be dying a bit more often, it's wise to prepare yourself for enemy rewards.  Shoot them down at all times.  Another option is to use the Assault Shield (with overkill as an option).  If you cannot access the FHJ, use Blackhats to your advantage.

Scorestreaks:  I always equip the rewards that'll defend objectives.  Guardian, Hellstorm/Lightning Strike, and Sentry Gun.

Mindset: Always go for objectives, and don't be afraid to jump out for them.  Risk is part of the game, and with your contribution to the objectives, it will definitely give your team the winning advantage.  If you have friends who also like to PTFO, then your team will be unstoppable. 

Warning:  If you are alone, the randoms/green bros you encounter will most likely not be PTFO material.  Frustration may result due to being the ONLY person trying to play the objectives.


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I'd love to see a team kick option in some objective games, I play solo in Dom and tend to join quite a few games in progress but I think I'd be playing 1v6 a lot of the time if there was.

I joined a game on Hijacked recently and finished top of the leaderboard overall and I missed the first 3 minutes of the game, I was the only one willing to cap B.

It's frustrating but things will never change while KDR stats are used in these game modes.

I have 3 class set ups for DOM depending how big the map is SMG, LMG, and AR they all seem to work as intended, perhaps I should just join the herd and have a quickscope class as well lol.

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My Domination setup consists of using Flak Jacket and Tactical Mask with a Trophy System.

Definitely the easiest way to cap/defend flags.

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