PLEASE HELP!!!! nav card glitch for buried. how do i erase my nav cards?

Black Ops II Xbox 360


me and 3 other guys were trying to do the easter egg for buried. we all completed richtofens side for tranzit and die rise. we know how to do it and everything and we could of completed it but we wanted the richtofen ending with all the perks and 4 weapons. so all of us already inserted the tranzit nav card into die rise nav card table so when we go to the menu to choose a map the die rise was glowing blue and it had lightening. we then go to buried and grab that nav card in exchnage for the die rise nav card and we immediatly go to tranzit and insert the buried nav card into the tranzit nav card table it accepted. now all of us have 2 nav cards each, so we go to buried and build the nav card table and try to insert our die rise nav cards but it wont work, the option to insert is doesnt appear. so please help me obviously i know we should of inserted the die rise nav card into the buried immediatly but we didnt for some unknown reason. now were stuck with 2 nav cards each and we cant finish the cycle of the nav cards for the richtofen ending easter egg that involves pushing that big button. we all really want to do that but we can put our nav card into the buried nav cards table. does anyone know how to get rid of nav cards? or a solution to this problem? PLEASE HELP! TREAYARCH ANYBODY HAVE ANY EXPLANATIONS. ALL I NEED IS THIS EASTER EGG TO COMPLETE THE GAME.

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Try the Zombies Forum.

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