Over priced camo and extra slots dlc

Black Ops II Xbox 360

Us PS3 are ripped of (probaly) as DLC is an extra £2 here, that could have been extra gun BACON, or more CAC or even the FLAGS

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This is the only place where raising of prices, or charging of extra fees actually gets supported....

and the people who support it do not work for the company!

Just sayin....

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You're damn right!

I support these microtransactions but I do hope they will one day move on to a Free to play system and let us have total freedom on our load outs. I hope they will soon sell perks, attachments, guns, lethals, tacticals, scorestrreaks, and CaC slots. Those who don't want to spend will be left out with just an underpowered gun with no perks or attachments. They can also throw in dedicated servers into the mix but offfload the expenses to the players and let the players rent their own dedicated servers just like in BF3.

I support Activision and I do hope that they will soon realize this opportunity to make even more money.

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I see where you are coming from but I think the C.O.D franchise will die out, as you pay more you will get people raging and if you are going that way, why not BF3, the DLC is cheaper and probaly more valuable.

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We asked for options, we got em. CoD is still a very inexpensive form of entertainment. Do you buy popcorn at the movies? It's optional too and no it shouldn't be included in the price of a movie ticket. How about options on your car? Should all that be free? Options are good and these options are so cheap it makes me laugh at those who are crying over it!! If you don't want options don't buy them! You obviously want the camos and extra stuff but you want it for free. This is America and business is business. You think the company that worked so hard on this game shouldn't be rewarded? These complaints are pathetic!

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I used all of the Xbox points I had acquired from searching Bing through Bing Rewards over the last six months. I always knew they would come in handy one day.

I basically got all of the personalization packs, extra slots, and NA flags for free.

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WHAT... thats pro... wish i had a X-Box now

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Okay guys first off I've been keeping up and again it seems people may have gotten the wrong impression. I never stated nor made the assumption the dlc should be free. Zombies, flags, and CaC is a decent price I think. HOWEVER I do believe that instead of 160 MSP the Camo's should have been 120 MSP. The price was changed for me when I was later made aware you got  calling cards with it as well but either way 120 is still much better. In the end it will always be their choice of course but the price if possible should be lowered.

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how is something overpriced when you dont need to buy it ??

Is a Porsche 911 over priced  , yes , do you need one to drive , no.

Its simply a way for ppl to spend more money on a game they truly love to put a lot of game time into. Id love to see MORE micro-trans personally.

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As long as it doesnt make some of the earned titles and camos in game a thing of the past. Im for it.

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