Over priced camo and extra slots dlc

Black Ops II Xbox 360

Well I don't really know a ton of Europeans playing Black Ops II but I DO know many Canadian and Americans that play and several of them have agreed that it's kinda high. I think several people are just disappointed at the reasoning they may have had for the price as it seems more than need be. Anymore and people may have raged into quitting though but still I WOULD be intersted to find out why they set it to that price if one of the team sees this. Though I will say I'm sure some people are content there are several others that I know aren't. Just trying to get others opinions and thoughts. Btw the flaming is only proving your immaturity here guys. While I hadn't seen that it came with a calling card that should still only make it 120 MSp. I'm not telling or asking them to change it. Only stating mine and many people I've talked about it's OPINIONS since you OBVIOUSLY never read the original post very well.

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On the one hand I don't have an issue with this sort of DLC unless it affects gameplay or levelling but the price is still strange. If it was half what it is now surely they would make more money. Its a bit steep when you could get a full game for your phone, something that took more than 10mins in photoshop to make. The extra slots at least have a use but not something you should charge for.

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idc i find this as anything they can do to make money ( which is what anyone would do ) but i think its just stupid

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Going off your post about the CaC, you can have a total of 110 CaCs for $2

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Treyarch needs to make the flag callsigns free.

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1500 Microsoft points is $25 here, RRP so i don't know why your complaining if i'm not? it's an optional DLC, if you don't want it because it's no expensive you're not required to buy it.

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LastedHawk wrote:

First time posting here so if this is already posted(couldn't find one like it) or in the wrong place then can a moderator please move it but anyways I just got off Black Ops II and have noticed that all the camo and reticles are seperate which is fine and all but the price is too high. I've already talked to many people in-game as well and it seems many are ina greement that between the new CaC and Camo dlc the price is to much. For example in the US all 5 of the camo and CaC will cost you around $20. Many can barely afford the Gold subscriptions let alone all the new dlc and while it IS optional the point still stands that 160 for everything is too high. I'd rather see the camo packs either come in a couple a pack or the price lowered to be much more reasonable. Does anyone else agree with this too?

I say the extra CaC is worth $2, and if you have a particular camo you just have to have, then another $2 won't break most people.

What I'm REEEEEALLY surprised about, is the fact that Activision is not trying to make any money off of Nuketown 2025. I would've bet good money that Activision was going to start selling Nuketown 2025 at some point. Nuketown 2025, for FREE?!!

The angle has to be that Nuketown 2025 will entice players to start playing more or start playing again, and that will drive Micro Item sales.

The projected sales must have made sense or I'm sure Activision wouldn't have done it.

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Do people not realise that you don't actually HAVE to buy these things?

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They are under the impression you HAVE to buy them


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Or they have the impression that they are entitle to them for free.  Either way there are a lot of people on this forum who really don't understand the meaning of optional.

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