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Our Only Chance

Vote with your cash people. With the first DLC available this month, we as paying customers have our one and only chance to make Activision sit up and take notice. If the game is flawed for you in any aspect, DON'T buy the DLC. Don't act like headless chickens and buy it just because every one else is. Why buy extra material to a product that does not work as intended for yourself.

Of course on the other side if you have no problems in the game and find it fun as is. Please feel free to buy it and I hope you enjoy the content.

If the sales for the first DLC are not what is expected Activision will wont to know why and to answer that they have to look towards the community to find out. That gives us the common man the chance to have our voice heard. I'm sure this will get locked or and my account banned because it's negative towards Activision. Well so be it. I'm only saying what most are thinking and buy hiding the truth you only make matters worse, we on these forums are not stupid.

So people if you have complained on these forums about any aspect of the game. Don't be a hypocrites and buy the first DLC until the game runs for you as intended.

Keep the thread civil and polite please.

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Re: Our Only Chance

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About 8 months ago or less they held a "Blackout Day" for everyone mad at the game to not play MW3 for that one day.

Know what happened ? It failed miserably.

Posting here to stop people from buying the DLC wont stop them if they already want it.

Your post will do nothing to help the situation, and as you said will most likely get this thread locked and or you get banned.

So much for making a stand. You think you are the FIRST one to start this crusade ? You might want to think again.

PS this is the 5th year or so the game "sucked for so many players" but meanwhile guess what ? They still run it the same way.

Youre about 5 years too late.

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Re: Our Only Chance

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So becuase you think my view isn't valid. I should sit in the corning like a good little boy and stfu ? Is that what you mean ?

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Re: Our Only Chance

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to be fair this one COD has gone in a mildly different direction, faster then ever, cheaper then ever as a general overview.  similar vane just further down the wrong road for the series, the more childish and noob friendly they make it the less long term appeal it has.

i won't buy the dlc until i've seen lots of you tube footage and i think it looks decent.  if it looks like the same pap i already have i won't buy it.

the public will decide and with falling player numbers since launch many are already voting with their feet.  i quite often go back to MW3 when i get endless lag deaths as MW3 is a far smoother game to play for me.

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