Black Ops II Xbox 360

I don't understand how you bacould fuck up a game so bad...

Me and my clan (Level 50) Always use to have a high KD every match on MW3.

I would consider myself a good player and some other people in my clan to be a bit better than good.

So why the fuck can we not kill anyone?

Shall we go through the list....

1. The biggest fuck up of all time on this game is the spawns.... I mean it is like you have done this as a fucking wind up and you are all sitting back in your money chairs laugthing your asses off. Every fucking time in every map I always get spawned in front of someone. 9 times out of 10 its the same fucking guy... And that same fucking guy happens to be a...

2. Fucking head glitcher every time.... Why the fuck have you made everything head height? Did you all get together with IW one day and smoked a shit load of crack and got the designers of Terminal to program this fucking game? Because every map on this poor excuse of a game has more god damn head glitch spots and more camping areas than 10 Terminal maps put together.

3. Sponging and fucking hit marks.... Seriousley? So I can go down with one bullet that is fair enough... It makes the game more real... So if that is the case why do I find myself always getting fucking hit marks every time I go to kill someone? Worse part is even when I fucking shoot first and they sponge.... They still get the fucking kill. And again even when they fucking head glitch I still get hit marks.... Well what would be the only fucking possible thing to shoot when they are head glitching??????? THERE FUCKING HEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This can not be blamed on lag because I'm running on a fucking 15 ping and a 50mbps download and a 5mbps upload... So WHY THE FUCK was it made like this.

I have no fucking clue though how you mega fucked up on the spawns sooo bad... It's like a sick fucking joke. I can't get over it.

4. The knifing.... Okay It is neat that you can run around with the knife... But you actually may want it to fucking work. 1 time out of 20 I can get this fucking thing to work. Spoons in real life are more fucking effective. You will go to knife someone and then you will be looking in another fucking direction all together.... But hey why use the knife when you can....,.

5. get kills with anything  in this game as long as it has a direct impact... Thats right I fuck you not. Anything you throw at a enemy no matter where on there body they will go down on the ground like a sack of shit.... I got killed by having a bouncyBetty thrown at my legs.... And you all thought  getting killed with a hand axe on your foot was impossible...

6. Quick scoping... Not really a big deal and credit where deserved if you can pull it off... But seriousley There is no quick draw for the snipers....So the aim speed has been increased by a 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000% I guess.

7. (Boat and shipyard maps) Seriousley stop smoking weed... Every other map is okay I guess.

The only good thing about this game now is that people actually play objectives.

Unless it is TDM... Then have fun getting spawned infront of head glitchers all the time

all in all I give this game a 1 out of a million....

Because we was promised more.

I don't know how the spawns are sooo fucked up because they was okay in Black ops 1 and MW3. >.<

But now Treyarch have  fucked this up so bad they have there work cut out for them.

That or give up and  I'm sure there would be a job in Goverment for them.

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When you swear so much it detracts fom the points your trying to make, it makes you look childish, immature and you risk being banned from the forum.

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The only valid point of that ramble was the spawns.

I bet what happened is in your head you think your better than you are, and suddenly found yourself on the loosing end of a battle...

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Leader that gets over 30 kills in every match on MW3 suddenly gets a shitty KD like 5-16 in Black ops 2? Just saying,.

And yea the spawns are horrible

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i wish i could view your stats, to see if that's just pure BS or not. I can spew what i want on the internet because i am anonymous.

On MW2 i was 1.5ish

On Blops i was 1.5ish

On MW3 i was 1.5ish

On blops2 i am 1.5ish..

So your post to me; it is probably just you..

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MW3 was easier IMO, you had many OP'd weapons such as the ACR, MP7, FMG's that it was impossible to do bad.

Current state of Blops has a couple of powerful guns, but none that no one has really figured out yet.

When MW3 released people already knew FMG's and the ACR would be OP'd.

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Dont claim high K/D when yours BO, MW3, and BO2 are all less than 1.3 (Vikanug's Elite Profile - )

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Sorry for not camping the tags on KC...

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Is this you?

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Number 3 - my biggest problem right now

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