OK, enough is enough developers.

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OK, enough is enough developers.

OK, enough is enough developers. People are upset Seriosly upset. Gamers are standing on your equipment and shooting them to get you booted. Please fix this now! I did say please didn't  I.  They are trolling people with decent K/D. Purposely destroying the game. I do like that when they lag switch it shows disconnection as they do it and you can pull up the score board while they are doing it and see who it is. Maybe add this option in the report menu. Lag switchers. How to shut down the modders. shut down gamer-tuts.com. MS should be doing that and sueing the crap out of them.

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Re: OK, enough is enough developers.

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im really enjoying choosing to avoid these players via the review section on xbox only to find that i join them or they join me in later games. /sarcasm

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Re: OK, enough is enough developers.

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Blame the people doing this nonsense. They have the questionable character and are abusing the tools the devs give us by playing outside the spirit of the game.

That being said, it would be a welcome addition to add an option to report players who team kill on purpose, "troll" other players, or otherwise make a mockery of the game.

Problem with Hackers is they are always a step ahead, ask any software developer who fights to keep their material secure.

People will always find a way to cheat in pretty much any competitive environment. Report and avoid them, play with a full squad, and you will find there are more good, honest players out there.. the bad ones are just more in your face.

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Re: OK, enough is enough developers.

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I started playing FPS games on Rogue Spear for PC. Even in that game auto aim scripts and glitches to get out of the map were commonplace. The great thing about that game was that the host was the person who opened up the lobby and they had moderator control. If someone was found using auto-aim, or glitching under the map they got kicked out of the game by the host.

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