Black Ops II Xbox 360


Nuke emblem?

Hey hey gamers.

How many of you out there have the nuke title?? (30 player only kills withour dieing) i see at least 4 ppl each lobby with the title, im a fairly good player, had quite a few nukes in MW3 but CANT for the life of me get 30 kills without dieing in this game.

i cant even get 20 kills without falling to my death in this game just wondering how many ppl actually got this title legit and how many ppl boosted to get it.

I keep seeing folk with 0.50 KDR (i know it does not mean anything) but seriously

Can anyone give me some tips and tricks in how to stay alive for 30 player only kills? i play Domination and i am an objective player averaging 5-10 caps per game.Smiley Happy

Thanks <3 TizZle.

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