No Slow Controller...

Black Ops II Xbox 360

What a great read on your work with the controllers. I think you have inspired me to take this up as well. I have long since wanted to try my hand at soldering and I guess this is the perfect things to practice on since they are relatively cheap items to brick should something go wrong.

I want to thank you for the information and if you could PM me with your twitter info I would gladly follow on that and lookup the information that you posted the previous year to give myself a running start on making a controller of my own.

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Whatever you do don't use YouTube for any of their guides.  Read some pro mod forums I you want my two cents.

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Thanks tremendously for the heads up. That should save me a big headache.

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zachsharp wrote:

Whatever you do don't use YouTube for any of their guides.  Read some pro mod forums I you want my two cents.

yep couldnt agree more..

you'll find proper wiring diagrams, photos of each circuit board , detailed how to's ect for any sort of modification you could think of.

theres (off top of my head) about 4 generations of circuit boards for controllers plus wired/wireless boards are slightly different so its vital you use the right one when soldering your contacts else you'll brick the board.

also for surplies sticks/buttons ect dont use the actual modding site shops.. use a popular online auction site a lenth of aw wire for example is a pounds on the sites, you can buy a cut to length piece off popular online auction site for like 30p, same with the buttons, screws ect

just dont add anything stupid like rapid fire mods ect as they are a def no-no

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So my two PS sticks on there are stock eh?

The only thing full of poop here is you, the action is far more crisp than stock controllers, even new ones and the slow turn is something I have seen with brand new stock controllers.

they are neither a scam nor a con, whether you think they are worth the extra is an opinion you are entitled to, From my experience and others who have purchased them who are on my friends list we find them more reliable than the stock item.

Personally I like them <although I may have overpaid for the glow in the dark zombie finish>. lol

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Mahburg wrote:

So my two PS sticks on there are stock eh?

I think he mentioned those.

maccabi wrote:

if you spend even more wasted money will give a new setof fancy buttons and sticks that could be bought off the net for 1/3rd of the price anyways.

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I am need of a new controller, I have been using the same one since I bought my xbox which was just before Black Ops came out.  I have been holding of on buying an expensive controller because of how soon the next gen xbox will be coming out, to me it seems like it would be a waste of money at this point.  With that said I had never seen the No Slow Controllers before this post.

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NEVER BUY A RAZER CONTROLLER. Abosolute pieces of trash.

I love the feel but their quality is garbage.

I am back on the standard controller now, and so far my same one that came with my xbox is still in good shape where as I have gone through 5 razers in the past year.

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I do just fine with a standard xbox controller. Hell I need to buy a new one as my son filled one with dribble (FUUUUUUUUUUU) and the other has a dodgy left stick which randomly decides to instacancel my sprinting

EDIT: I would also add that the consumer reviews dont look particularly encouraging.

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Just buy a Torx 8 screwdriver and some thumbsticks off ebay or if you like domed sticks specially made for xbox controllers i got some from evilcontrollers for like $10.  They are super easy to switch out and it's good to get in and clean the controller once in a while if you aren't concerned with the warranty of the controller being void.

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