Night of the Quitters

Black Ops II Xbox 360


Slowly i have come to terms with the fact that weeknight play sessions of BO are showcases of the worst kind of players you can find in this community (both in playstyle and overall behavior).

During weekends the number of players is high enough to ensure you have some decent players in the lobby, but on weeknights ...

And tonight was again a prime example, so much that I call tonight the night of the quitters.

Every domination match, as soon as our team has a hard time winning, bam half of the team quits.  But the final straw was this last game ... I managed to get a care package with a vstol. fun, I call it in and start hammering the enemy team.  Next thing I know, the match stops.  "Disconnected due to loss of host" or something like that.  In other words a sore loser who quit and in turn ruined the match.

Thank  god I have other games like forza horizon, which I can enjoy now untill the weekend starts.

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People still quit out in Forza Horizon, LOL.  Especially when I come in first every race.

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