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We all know that there are new teasers for the next Call of Duty, assumably Ghosts. I had an idea and didn't know where to put it where the devs from Infinity Ward could see it, so I'm putting it here:

I think that when a player gets to a certain level in the level progression, they should be able to pick a "role" for objective game modes. By role, I mean slayer, defender, attacker, etc (only 3 in the following example). In a lobby, there are 4 of each role. When the servers make the teams, two of each role are on each team.

This is a good way for people to make teams if they want to. In my eyes, not only will this make games more competitive, it is a good way to create a group to consistently play with.

Comment on whether you like this idea or not, and feel free to post more ideas you may have for the next Call of Duty game!

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There are several active threads speculating the next Call of Duty title in the Off Topic sub-forum. Please contribute your thoughts and ideas to those discussions instead of creating new ones.

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