New update is amazing!!

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Re: New update is amazing!!

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Just checking around the net at well known glitch/booster forums.. Boosters are still out and full force, but the glitches like floating in the air, doing the famous create custom class in MP lobby, and the prestige theater has been patched.. and now they are all out looking for other ways to cheat. So glad they patched a few things, but there is still more work to be done. Now if we can get the autobot to start banning when something isnt right we be all set.

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Re: New update is amazing!!

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O.K., I wanna know if you guys are from the U.S. and if so what part because you are literally the first 5 or 10 people I have talked to today that are enjoying this update. I do not understand how so many people, including almost every one of my gamer friends are having the worst games since launch and it gets worse with every patch. HOW CAN IT BE SO GOOD FOR SOME AND COMPLETE TRASH FOR OTHERS?!!!! The game was fine for me at launch and has gotten worse with every update and this is the worst.

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Re: New update is amazing!!

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I only tried one game after the update and it was a lag filled mess. Of course, I was host and we all know what happens to host. I literally need to join a match in progress just to not be host but than I'm losing badly and the enemy has Scorestreaks up in the air. I could stay for the beating but the odds of me being host next game are higher than not.

I'm from USA (Illinois)

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Re: New update is amazing!!

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i live in the mass. accord it wikipedia "the region supported 49.6 million people, about 17% of the U.S. population on less than 2% of the nation’s land area". so that means i should be easily matched up with people who are close to me which should mean less latency. but that is far from what actually happens. i really wish they listed everyones ping in ms from the host.

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Re: New update is amazing!!

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Im in the U.K, the only time I have problems is when I end up in a lobby of Europeans. We have a couple of Americans that run with us and 1 has terrible connection and the other although he is on 2bar will do perfectly fine.

I think its line quality, my line to the local exchange is very short only half a mile away. If I was say 5miles from the exchange then your line will probably be poor

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Re: New update is amazing!!

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What do you set you search preference on?

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Re: New update is amazing!!

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Hi Treyarch

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Re: New update is amazing!!

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I'm getting scorestreaks faster anyone else agree??

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Re: New update is amazing!!

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It was absolutely awful for me so i've reluctantly put down the game as its unplayable for me.

We have very good internet, no other devices connected, gamer profile and ports forwarded correctly. My search prefs have been changed to see if that helps, nope.

Super super lag and unplayable games. I get 1 good game in 10 at best

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Re: New update is amazing!!

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ok ive got to be honest here i gave this update a fair run last night 6hrs straght and my findings are

1 my games seem to run much better on my own unpartyed with freinds.

2 there was lag in the games but to be fair it was the hop skip and a jump(better than the magical apearing killer)

3 no insta kills

4 match making seems better on normal (tried best got put in with sweeds and germans)

5 hit detection seems better

6 never realy noticed any host disadvantage

my findings partyed with freinds (they party leader and me also )

1 games were still hit and miss (magical apearing hunters)

2 mostly yellow bar lobbys

3 lag was pritty bad at times

4 matchmaking was slow

5 hit detection played up

6 random boot out of lobbys (and party split into 2s and 3s weird one)

7 was a sec behind again in lot of the games

8 seemed to have host disadvantage a lot

the nerf of smgs i hate they just seem unusable now i used to run a scorpion fast class to combat the sec behind and laggy lobbies dont work any more

so i must agree there is a improvment in game play for myself after patch however as it nice at times to run as a lone wolf i preffer playing with freinds and not realy fixed it for me (unforchantly they most part have netto internet so il have to make a dissicion on what to do now)

and on a plus note id like to say well done to that guy on multi team last night (sorry dont know your name) who ruined me with a score of 109-1 i know i joined at end but fair play to you and from what i could see there was no foul play involved.

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