New update has blocken my game...

Black Ops II Xbox 360


New update has blocken my game...

Hey hey gamers,

Got the new update on friday evening and went into a few games. was going all well untill i found out thats its broken things instead of fixing them..

1. Lightning strike glitches out ALL THE TIME (not allowing me to actually look at the map when using it)

2. Half time in domination makes my game freeze (unable to move, but i can see everyone else moving, the game is just a blur, and HAVE to dashboard because the start button does nothing...)

3. KSG??? how is it after the patch i can get more long range kills than close range? (My KSG does NOT even get hitmarkers at close range)

3.5. Dont blame it on the lag because the other guns (shotguns) are fine...

4. when it host migrates i am unable to run or crouch..

5. In HQ you can now hide inside the bomb??

6. Why have they not fixed the Warthog glich!!!???

So why is it this is happening? i thought a patch was meant to fix problems not cause them? Come on 3arc get your act together and start FIXING things.

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