New Update Took Me Back Levels

Black Ops II Xbox 360


I was Level 55 preistieged when i got kicked out for update and I even have a film saved with me at the level but now update came out and im level 44 and i still havemy film showing me level 54 going to level 55

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PLEASE LISTEN UP PEOPLE/TREYARCH!!! I already found a glitch the second game after the Update!!!

This glitch happends when you go into a game (a round based game like Dom,Dem, S&D etc.)

then you wanna pop up the scoreboard (by pressing SELECT) and they hover over some random teammate/enemy and press Y. You can see that there are a few options here, but then dont do anything just leave the window open. But after the round swiched, the window will be ''melted'' on your screen. (i dont really know how to describe this) and that round you will not be able to do anything.

YOUR WHOLE SCREEN IS BLURY AND ONLY YOUR CROSSHAIRS ARE LIT UP (The normal white colour). While this glitch is happening, you cant: quit, respawn or press any button on your controller, the only solution is wait for the game to end OR dashboard!!!

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