New Patch for Black Ops 2

Black Ops II Xbox 360

     I like how you have to serve a suspension if you quit a match on online playing modes. How ever the lack of having a respawn time has created choas and alot of getting shot in the back by the opposing team when they respawn in hardcore team death. This has made maps(smaller ines in particular hijacked) Which started out to be awesome, frustrating free for all an not fun anymore if not going to sell it an get Halo 4.

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Just sell it buy Halo 4 and move on. No need to post about it is there?

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Yea it's too bad Treyarch won't give a full refund on the black ops 2 beta we all paid $60 for

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How is it a beta?  The campaign is completed.  Which is what is the most important thing to the game developers.

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Great point. That is what most seem to forget about - multiplayer is a service offered, and yes, the reason 99% of the population purchase(s) the game. However, the campaign and so forth is what they care most about, which is odd given the amount of money they make off of multiplayer, especially the DLC they hock out to the masses.

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