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Someone with better knowledge than myself, please give an opinion on something I experienced last night and something I thought about as a result.

I popped into a lobby after a match had started last night - normal activity. The lobby played fine. There were I think two yellow bar players. No big deal. Next match, lobby remained mostly the same. Again, maybe two yellow bar players.

The third match about 25% of the lobby rotates out and new players brought in between matches. Match starts and now there are maybe two or three four bar players. I'm flickering between two and three bars. I can't buy a kill. All the stuff we all complain about with mysteriously appearing players, entire mags passing through opponents, explosives detonating late, etc, etc. I keep hanging in there just knowing the host is going to migrate at any moment. I'm playing KC so you know the sky is the limit on kills and deaths.

When I got killed the 18th time and still had only 9 kills myself, I decided I could go no further with this laggy lobby. So I backed out and, what do you know?

Host migration screen.

Now, I have a confession to make. Well, two confessions, one of which I have made in the past. The one from the past is that in previous COD games, it has been practically impossible for me to tell if I had host or not - even after leaving a lobby. Back during WaW and MW2 I got so paranoid of pulling host that if I remotely thought I had host, I would back out of the matches (which was why I would get so ticked if people dashboarded. I would take the loss rather than have the rest of the lobby suffer. Third confession: in MW3 I did dashboard more than ever as a protest to Ghandi saying they would never penalize dashboarders). Blah, blah.

Anyway, so when I backed out of this match I clearly was the host up to that point. Furthermore, I am confident I was not the only player suffering as a result of this experience. One team (obviously not my team) was totally dominating the match. At 9 and 18, I was like the # 2 player on my team. Yeah. That bad of a match.

But to go 9 and 18 you have to hang in there for a LOONG time. At least, I do.

Yet the game never once saw a need to migrate the host?

What that told me is that unless the host leaves the match, once the match starts, whomever was chosen as host remains host for the rest of the match - regardless of how bad the lag is.

Please someone tell me that is not the case.

But it was the case with this match and I'm trying to grasp why. I cannot imagine that the game scans for a suitable host only one time once the intermission timer has completed. I mean, the game clearly re-evaluates team creation repeatedly, and very rapidly, until the match actually begins. Surely the system is capable of re-evaluating host just as rapidly.

The reason this stands out to me is because I would think that surely the game realizes that in one instant your connection is great but for the next ten minutes it may not be so great.

More importantly, I find it amazing that the game was not checking connection quality during the match.

Am I interpretting what happened correctly? If not, where did the system fail? If it is correct, why can't the system continue to verify lobby, specifically, host quality?

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Re: Network smoothing?

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Tonight I played a game where one guy emtied an entire clip into me and I didnt die or even get hit. But the SAME game a player killed me normally.

Later that same game first person STILL didnt kill me a second time. He was going back to the same hiding spot

No host migration occured.

not in any way answeing your question but just adding more detail to it.

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Re: Network smoothing?

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I hear you starbuck.

Overall the matches haven't been unplayable. I get all four bar lobbies where a guy here and there I've flanked and put half a mag into and they don't die ... I can live with that happening a few times a match. That's the way it has been forever in COD games.

Dunno. It's just one extreme or the other in BO2. Like I said, where it is now is okay overall. But when the wtf hits, it hits radically one way or radically the other way. Would kinda be nice if it were one or the other.

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