Nerf Shock Charges

Black Ops II Xbox 360

I use them like flash bangs for people like you that run engineer with every class. It stuns you and I get the kill. I guess the rest of the tactical is fine tho right?

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I think they need to shorten the lasting time of the Shock Charges.  Make them only sit on the ground for a 1 minute or so.  If you don't die, then Shock Charges stay on the ground for atleast a couple minutes.  Just seems like that could make them overpowered for a tactical equipment.

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I can hear them from pretty far away. I either avoid them, run tac mask, engineer, or throw a emp gernade. They are very easy to take care of. Just sayin.

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You can HEAR them!!!

Maybe it's just me, but with the game on supercrunch, those shock charges are blatantly obvious halfway across the map. People are rarely creative when they throw them so just look around carefully and you won't get shocked.

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